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Greg Krino: One scary guy

If you drive around midtown Tucson, you can’t help but see Republican Greg Krino’s smiling white face on hundreds of very expensive, 4-color, illegal signs (1,2).

Krino is an opportunistic, young Republican write-in candidate challenging Democrat Paula Aboud for her state senate seat in LD28. Aboud and Krino are in a four-way race with former state Representative Ted Downing and Green Party activist Dave Ewoldt.

Normally, Republicans don’t bother with LD28 because it is overwhelmingly Democratic– “about 36,000 Democrats, 22,000 Republicans and 24,000 others spread out across the political spectrum,” according to the Tucson Weekly.

While Aboud, Downing, and Ewoldt duking it out from the center to the far left, Krino has the extreme far right all to himself. You know all those things that progressives don’t like about the current legislature and Governor Jan Brewer? Let me refresh your memory, in case you have suppressed the last 2 legislative sessions: no support or core services for families, kids, or the poor; minimalist public health; privatization of everything including education, prisons, and parks; give-aways (AKA tax breaks) to the rich and to hell with everyone else; demonization of undocumented workers, etc.

Well, Krino marches in lock step with these Republican core ideas– hence my headline. He’s a scary guy.

I heard him on the John C. Scott show the other day. People– like former Congressman Jim Kolbe– are saying that Krino is a “rising star” in the Republican party. When Scott asked him about his stance on issues, Krino said that government should get back to basics– police, fire, and roads… period.

Yikes! You’ll note all of the government services that are not on that list: education, prisons, public health, providing a safety net or support for the poor.

I know this “back to basics” is popular rhetoric amongst the tea bag types this year, but I seriously don’t think people realize how this would impact them if these wing-nuts get elected.

As an aside, those 4-color signs are expensive. Obviously, this guy has big money behind him. The corporatists really like having the Arizona Legislature in their pocket.

UPDATE, October 8: Most of Krino’s illegally-placed 4-color signs are gone from city streets now. You’ll note his new illegally-placed signs are the standard red/black type, no 4-color smiling photo, and still no indication that he is an extremist Republican.

17 comments on “Greg Krino: One scary guy

  1. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    >Greg Krino is more than just police, fire, and roads. You fail to mention how he has fought for our country and recognizes the importance of Air Force jobs to our community and he is a staunch supporter of better education and more access to higher education. Maybe you should spend a little more time investing in your blog and doing some homework, rather than reprinting an out of context sound clip.

  2. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    >Big Money behind him . . . huh . .. how do you know, did you read the financial disclosures . . . Oh no that would be responsible and not quite fit the profile . . . it is sad to see fresh ideas are scary to you . . .

  3. Pamela
    September 27, 2010

    >#1 Anon– I heard his interview John C. Scott– back to basics, police, fire, roads, small government. Scott asked a follow up about education, and Krino supports for-profit charter schools. Today, on the radio, I heard his radio advertisement– same thing, small guvment, back-to-basics… period. No offense, but being a former fighter pilot does not qualify one to be a legislator. #2 Anon– HUGE right-wing, out-of-state groups (who are now allowed to remain anonymous thanks to the Roberts' court) are dumping money all over the US. These groups have spent $20 million in races around the country.OK. I checked the Secretary of State's website. It says he doesn't have any big money and has spent $5900+ so far. Given how expense 4-color signage is, he either spent all $5900 on his signs or someone else bought them for him.

  4. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    >If a Democrat wanted to spend money on "expensive" signage, nobody would come out and challenge that, now would they? What is considered expensive for spending money on signs anyway? The signs, regardless of color, are not the issue here.

  5. anonymous 2
    September 27, 2010

    >He is more than just a former A-10 fighter pilot, if you go to his website for http://GregKrino2010.com you'll read about his credentials that qualify him for the position he's running for.

  6. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    >O.o he has signs so scary lol

  7. Pamela
    September 28, 2010

    >#3 Anon– I don't see any Dems with expensive signs. Do you? Besides, aren't flashy signs a bit odd for a reduce-spending-small-government guy?Besides McCain's giant billboards and the right-wing attack ads against Giffords, the only other expensive 4-color yard signs I have seen are for Terri Proud– also a little-known Republican running for a seat in blue midtown. (I assume she's running for a midtown seat, since that's where the signs were. Proud's illegally-placed signs have already been removed.)What I find fascinating is that both Krino and Proud are pretty much unknowns, both Republicans, and both have EXACTLY the same illegally-placed, expensive signs. It's as if the signs are made from a template– full color, very flattering photo, large red letters, no Republican identification (although they are both Republicans), very little information beyond the smiling face. Come on, you don't think that's a tad suspicious? #1,2,3,4 Anon– you're missing the point. What's scary about Krino is his **lack of ideas**. Anyone can say, "Small guvment! Back to basics!" Yes, based upon his education, he does appear to have some smarts, so why do his ads and interviews not show that? Short-changing Arizona's children by denying them healthcare and kicking education into the for-profit sector are more of the same short-sighted ideas that we have gotten *for years* from Republicans in Arizona. It's time to throw those bums out and ignore wannabes like Krino.

  8. Anonymous
    September 28, 2010

    >"If you drive around midtown Tucson, you can't help but see Republican Greg Krino's smiling white face…."Paula Aboud. White.Ted Downing. White.Dave Ewold. White.What's your point?

  9. Anonymous
    September 28, 2010

    >Greg Krino, candidate for state Senate in District 28, is challenging his opponents to agree to additional debates in the final weeks before Election Day. "This election is extremely important to the future of Arizona and to voters in District 28," Greg Krino said. "We owe the voters every opportunity to contrast our plans to right Arizona's economy, close our budget hole and improve the quality of life in our community." Krino will even allow his opponents — Paula Aboud, Ted Downing and Dave Ewoldt — to pick the format, venue and moderator for the debates. "The important thing is that voters in District 28 hear directly from us in as many open forums as possible," Krino said. "I'm sure my opponents will agree that it's the right thing to do." Greg Krino, an Air Force Major in the Arizona Air National Guard, was deployed three times to the Middle East and flew 31 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to holding a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Greg earned a Master's degree in International Relations while in the Air Force and separated from active duty in 2007 to attend law school at the University of Arizona. He graduated in May. Greg has been a law clerk for the Arizona House of Representatives, for the General Counsel for the Secretary of the Air Force at the Pentagon, and for the Pima County Attorney.

  10. Anonymous
    September 28, 2010

    >With any luck, Downing will get another chance to revisit history with Aboud on the $257M waste in Rio Nuevo she sponsored. Would enjoy hearing about all the educational, police, fire, social services we could have had in lieu of Rio Nuevo.

  11. Pamela
    September 29, 2010

    >#7 Anon– Rio Nuevo is a special fund for downtown development… period and nothing else. It was not created to fund services like police, fire, etc. So, if the funds were pulled, it would hurt downtown development and the money would go back to the state– and not to other Tucson expenditures.I believe that the Rio Nuevo fund was originally created when *both* Aboud and Downing were in the Legislature. (Aboud was appointed to Giffords' old AZ Senate seat. Downing was a Representative.)The difference between Downing and Aboud on RN is that he wanted accountability built into expenditure of RN funds from the beginning. Aboud voted for trusting the city to use the funds wisely. Aboud used his vote on RN (and other issues) against him in a bitter primary battle. In hindsight, Downing had the right idea. (And, just for the record, I voted for him in that race.)Also, just for the record, Aboud has had *nothing* to do with the expenditure of RN funds because she is in the Legislature. The City Council and now the Rio Nuevo Board are in charge of spending the money. (Check out the hotel articles I have written.)

  12. Pamela
    September 29, 2010

    >#6Anon, Greg, is that you? Or just your campaign manager? Nice little puff piece comment about your credentials. Now, what is your stance on the Legislature eliminating adult education and all day kindergarten or trying to steal the First Things First healthcare fund for children?And, BTW, all of you anonymous people, if you back Krino so strongly, why don't you put your names on your comments????

  13. Phil
    September 29, 2010

    >Pamela – You miss the point of my comments on Rio Nuevo. First, only half the money was originated from the State and was matched to funds derived from Tucson Tax Incremental Facilities, which could have been used for anything, including the services above. Your comment about spending it or it would go back to the State is greedy and fiscally irresponsible.It looks as though you agree Rio Nuevo is a failed project and a waste of money. (Haven't found many who would disagree.) Would you support a candidate who still enables this fraud by bringing home the bacon — especially in a time when the economy is in the gutter? The ignorance defense is long gone. At this point, Aboud is part of the conspiracy. Going out on a limb here but just maybe there would be more $$$ for adult education or all day kindergarten if it hadn't been blown on RN??

  14. Pamela
    September 30, 2010

    >@Phil– I would prefer to have the RN funds come to Tucson than give it the the AZ Legislature. I don't trust them at all! Talk about fiscal irresponsibility.

  15. Paula Aboud, senator
    September 30, 2010

    >Hi, Pamela, I can see the difficulty you might be having with these folks who are talking about state funding without real information on the process. The legislative vote on the Rio Nuevo funding bill was many yrs ago. That vote was to bring back $600 million dollars of OUR own tax revenues to Tucson or whether Phoenix would keep the majority of those funds for their own discretion. Tucson gets a lesser share of state shared revenues because so many of our city residents live outside the city limits. I have consistently been an advocate of local control and bringing our tax dollars back to our community for our own use.As for adult ed and all day kindergarten, they were cut this year, not because there weren't funds, but because they did not fall into the Phx. ideology of what gov't should pay for. Phx. GOP could have eliminated the Auto Theft Authority ($4m) and put that exact amount into saving Adult Ed, but the GOP doesn’t value education. They didn’t just cut 40,000 kids off healthcare. The Phx political bosses eliminated the language that would allow KidsCare to come back into existence when the economy recovered. Same with Adult Ed: the entire program was eliminated! Did you know that once an adult earns a GED, they earn, on average, an additional $9,000 per year. That means more tax revenue for the state, a better educated workforce, more funds for critical programs. Education helps us create a more attractive employment atmosphere to attract business to Arizona.As for Krino, he espouses the exact same language that the Phx. political bosses speak. And he has been totally clear in 3 public forums that public education funding isn’t in his top 3 priorities. TREO says we need a stronger public education system to attract business. UA Economist Marshall Vest, says tax cuts do not attract business to a state. Krino still won’t fund education and wants tax cuts which won’t help our economy. And as for those illegal campaign signs of Krino’s, I mentioned to him at another public forum on Sunday what the law was regarding political signs. He said he’d tell his people to remove them. Here it is Thursday and they’re putting up even more illegal signs. The city will have to spend its precious money to send out its city workers to remove those signs…that’s an unfortunate situation.

  16. Anonymous
    September 30, 2010

    >What a smokescreen! When in doubt, blame "Phoenix"…. All those excuses without accepting ANY of the blame for the situation. No doubt, Downing > Aboud. I, for one, think it is a done deal. Welcome back, Ted!

  17. Pamela
    October 3, 2010

    >@Anon #? (I've lost count.) I could fill out my November ballot today on all races and initiatives– except this one. I really waffle around on the LD28 Senate race. I *really* don't Krino's ideas, and I don't want to do anything that would put another "privatize-the-state-and-let's-go-home-and-make-some-money-on-the-deals" Republican in the Arizona Legislature.Re: "blaming Phoenix", I don't know how long you have been in Tucson, but I have been here almost 30 years. There is a real difference in the world view of Phoenicians vs Tucsonans. Phoenix is a city without a soul; everything is for sale.

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