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Will the Democrats ‘eat their young’ tonight?

Jon Stewart often says that one of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans (being more homogeneous) are able to keep their base marching forward in lock step, while the Democrats (who represent many diverse interests) often devolve into squabbling and “eat their young”.

Tonight, I’m afraid the Pima Dems will “eat their young”– or at least a few City Council members. Earlier in the summer, the Pima County Democratic Party Executive Committee voted to officially remain neutral on Prop 401, the City of Tucson proposed charter changes.

This was a wise decision, since the Democratic-controlled City Council vote was split on this issue back in July. Council Members Richard Fimbres, Karin Ulich, and Regina Romero listened to their constituents at well-attended public forums and voted not to send the charter changes to the ballot. Blue Dog Democrats Paul Cunningham and Shirley Scott sided with Republicans Steve Kozachik and Mayor Bob Walkup and voted successfully to send the initiative (now Prop 401) to the ballot.

Even though the Pima Dems officially remained neutral on the issue, Party Chair and local lawyer Jeff Rogers and Vice Chair and Ward 2 City Council aide Katie Bolger have been actively hawking Prop 401 for the corporatists of Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC). In addition, according to Prop 401’s campaign finance reports, Bolger has been paid $2000 for her pro-Prop 401 lobbying efforts.

This is a free country, and I respect Rogers’ and Bolger’s right to have their own opinions and speak out for or against political initiatives– as private citizens.

But tonight’s Executive Committee meeting is another matter.

Through what appear to be parliamentary machinations, the Pima Dems Executive Committee will re-vote whether or not to endorse Prop 401 tonight at the Democratic Headquarters.

Rehashing and re-voting the Prop 401 endorsement is a waste of time. This is like rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks.

Workers and the middle class are under siege in Arizona and nationwide. It’s time for the Democrats to march in lock step to elect as many Democrats as possible and save our country from extremists– not devolve into cannibalism.

2 comments on “Will the Democrats ‘eat their young’ tonight?

  1. Anonymous
    October 5, 2010

    >1) You support Prop 203. Terry Goddard does not. Are you then a cannibal, too?2) Your last paragraph begins with, "Workers and the middle class are under siege in Arizona and nationwide." Are you aware that the Pima Area LABOR Federation, a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO, and the over 40 local unions they represent, voted UNANIMOUSLY to endorse Proposition 401?3) The "machination" you speak of is simply the desire of one or two members of the EC who voted not to endorse at a previous meeting, to change their vote. 70% of the EC voted to endorse at the August meeting. 75% is needed for a "political question". Changing one's mind is a pretty common "machination".


  2. Pamela
    October 5, 2010

    >Anon– Thanks for your comment.Re#1 and #2- I said that I support anyone's right to have their own opinion.Re#3– There is a lot of buzz about how that happened.


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