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McClung drops out of next debate with Grijalva

Some of my readers theorized in the comments section that Congressional candidate Ruth McClung’s Tea Party backers who disrupted this week’s CD7 debate actually live in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ CD8.

Yesterday evening the Rum Romanism and Rebellion blog reported that McClung has backed out of Monday’s upcoming debate (October 18) with Congressman Raul Grijalva.

Why? October 18 is the same day Giffords debates her opponent Jesse Kelly, another Tea Party darling. This lends credence to your comments, dear readers. The rowdy Tea Partiers can’t be in 2 places at once. Maybe their forces aren’t as strong as they want us to believe. Here is an excerpt. [Emphasis added.]

The sticking point [to the debate], in the end, was the time. McClung’s people did not want the debate at the same time as the one between Gabrielle Giffords and Jesse Kelly. The Grijalva people agreed to move the debate a bit later, but McClung’s people took their ball and went home.

Maybe this new found reticence is because of McClung’s performance last night. She may have discovered that repeating the word “boycott” over and over again is a poor substitute for knowledge of the needs of the district and public policy.

No word yet on whether the debate will take place anyway, there are two other candidates running. Should the debate go on, this humble blogger will leave it up to you, the reader, to decide what inanimate object would be an appropriate substitute for McClung.

While your checking out the R3 link above, you also might check this story: Surprise! Conservative Group Caught in a Fib About Grijalva’s Record. The Grover Norquist ad that I mentioned lies about Grijalva’s record. As Tedski says, “Surprise, surprise.”

31 comments on “McClung drops out of next debate with Grijalva

  1. andrew farley
    October 15, 2010

    Do you, Pam, support Mr. Grijalva and if so, what do you like about him, Thank you.

    • Harley Meyer
      October 15, 2010

      Andrew Farley,

      The world is not always Rep vs Dems. Maybe she supports one of the other two candidates. If you are concerned about your economic interest, then I highly suggest you start looking at the other two candidates.

      Best Regards,

      Harley Meyer

    • tiponeill
      October 15, 2010

      Among many things in his favor, unlike McClung he doesn’t favor depriving gay people of equal rights or forcing rape victims to bear their rapists’ babies.
      There are lots of other things, but those 2 are enough for me to vote against McClung quite happily.

  2. DaveinMaricopa
    October 15, 2010

    I to am curious on whom you support, Pam.  It seems that during the primary your organization backed McClung. Judging by articles written by Jim Kelly on The Cholla Jumps McClung had him in her pocket.  So much so that he allowed McClung to slander a fellow candidate in that primary.  So where do you stand?

    • Pamela Powers
      October 15, 2010

      “My organization”?
      I support Grijalva, but I live in Gabby’s district. I will be voting for her. Look for coverage of the Oct 18 Giffords/Kelly debate and an essay about the “fair” tax– which is primarily “fair” to big business– not consumers.

      • andrew farley
        October 15, 2010

        I know you “support” him, but what do you like about him that you support? Thanx again. And thank you Harley Meyer for your infomation.

      • Three Sonorans
        October 15, 2010

        The Cholla Jumps left the Tucson Citizen to do his own independent blog. And yes, he hates Grijalva more than anything and loves McClung.
        But there is no official “organization opinion”. Every blogger has their own opinion.

      • James Kelley
        October 16, 2010

        I don’t hat Grijalva, I hate his politics, marxist progressive left, big governemtn, big labor, big education. He has no clue as to who drives economic engines. His legislative behavior has enabled human smuggling, drug smuggling and thousands of deaths in the desert along with murder and rape of innocent exploited people. How’s that compassion working out for him?

      • Three Sonorans
        October 16, 2010

        And our drug policy had nothing to do with what’s going on along the border.
        I say you hate him because rather than focus on the political, you also use adjectives such as “Grijalva and his bloated ass” when you write about him… not very professional, but bloggers don’t have to be I guess.

      • tiponeill
        October 17, 2010

        It’s working put better that the gay hating, anti abortion screed that McClung promotes 🙂

  3. Plain Ol' B.O.
    October 15, 2010

    Let me get this straight-
    A pixilated tin pot  county dictator who held court for years at watering holes around town  can’t keep hold on a gerrymandered district which was given to him as a life long gift for a career of dirty deeds? Then he should be booted, at least for stupidity- It’s a miracle his staff has kept him (so far) from dipping his beak too agressively in shaking down the PACS to date.

    Maybe the “beholding”  humble voters in his district will rise up this year a shuck this ass clown.
    Here’s a couple questions to ask  the Representative-
    How do you square your “enviromentalist” label with the empty KFC boxes and full diapers spread around the fragile desert?  
    If every “path to citizenship” included EVERYTHING but the right to vote…Would the Democrats be so excited about the process- That is, if they couldn’t obtain another voter block?

  4. Cruz
    October 15, 2010

    Pam you crack me up – Vote For Ruth, I Am.

  5. RH
    October 15, 2010

    Interesting thing I noticed in news about these polls they are not calling anyone with cell phones, only land lines, since I have not had a land line in 10 years finding cell/wireless more economical, this article I read stated the way polls are being done this way are biased for GOP against other parties whether they be democrat, independant etc, one thing for sure, this story here makes one wonder about why this lady dodges a debate that might be on same night as her fellow right winger, guess it would have divided their tea party hooligans!

  6. tiponeill
    October 15, 2010

    I have a suggestion for those fortuneatly blessed progressive bloggers.
    You are allowing the tea partiers to set the agenda for this election.
    They have declared that the issue is big government, and you are happily following along.
    This has allowed them to completely avoid discussing “social issues” and the fact that they are all in the pocket of the religious right.
    There are a lot of voters who would be horrified by the positions of Kelly and McClung on “social issues” but they are very carefully avoiding discussing them, and the debate presenters and media are ahppily following the teabag game plan – to their destruction.

  7. Jim
    October 15, 2010

    Is “Tucson Progressive” an oxymoron?

    • tiponeill
      October 15, 2010

      Is “Tucson Progressive” an oxymoron?
      No, but “Arizona Progressive” is (along with “Alabama Progressive”, “Mississippi Progressive “…)

  8. Plain Ol' B.O.
    October 15, 2010

    I’m sorry, I’m still trying to figure out how the good Congressman can square his protection of our desert  enviroment with the destruction of same by illegals trampling and polluting same.

    • cochisecitizen
      October 15, 2010

      The good Congressman doesn’t support people crossing our border illegally. “Open Borders” and an “Open Borders Crowd” is a right wing myth.

      • fraser007
        October 15, 2010

        You have to be kidding…..right?

      • cochisecitizen
        October 15, 2010

        Which part? I’ll guess Grijalva – wanna show me a single instance in which he says he supports illegal immigration?
        I’ll give myself a head start: Washington Post
        Q: How do you reconcile your commitment to uphold the Constitution as a member of Congress and yet suggest that federal authorities not enforce U.S. immigration law?
        Rep. Raul Grijalva: I have never said or suggested that federal immigration laws should not be enforced. I have suggested that federal law is a federal obligation and should not be delegated to local authorities.

      • fraser007
        October 15, 2010

        You really make me laugh.
        Ok…So Obama says we will build more fence, hire 20,000 more Border patrol and put troops on the border and no “Immigration Reform” what the holy hell do you think Grijalva would say.

      • JoeS
        October 15, 2010

        Grijalva does not like ICE doing it’s job with or without State assistance.

  9. yheredia
    October 15, 2010

    Why does everyone keep calling her a “rocket scientist”?  She has a bachelors degree in physics.  I have a bachelors degree in economics; does that make me a economist?
    just saying

  10. tiponeill
    October 15, 2010

    Why does everyone keep calling her a “rocket scientist”?
    Because that is her campaign slogan – it’s on her yard signs.
    Doesn’t have to be true, it’s just a slogan.

  11. cochisecitizen
    October 15, 2010

    “She has a bachelors degree in physics
    Yeah, and she works at Raytheon’s Tucson facility, which doesn’t make rockets. But from what I’ve seen, McClung isn’t one to let honesty stand in her way.

  12. Plain Ol' B.O.
    October 15, 2010

    OK Poindexters,
    Given that you have finally, (God only knows how, unless you were told by your handlers), figured out  that there is a difference between a rocket and a missile –
    Congratulations…. Still, how many of you slackers would STILL know the difference if one fell on your foot?
    I can tell you Raul sure as hell can’t seem to do the simple math necessary to understand 30% means serious (unemployment) that is. 

  13. Plain Ol' B.O.
    October 15, 2010

    Honesty…Now thats funny-
    I know which one I would rather find my wallet in a parking lot-
    And it ain’t the 60s  hold over “Defender of the enviroment, only when it means no minig jobs, not the trampling or littering in the desert part”.

  14. Steve
    October 15, 2010

    Grijalva and Giffords:  Two big government hacks.

  15. tiponeill
    October 15, 2010

    Was on the local news tonight.
    Ducking on the League of Women Voters debate is pretty sad.
    I would be interested in any video of the teabaggers who show up at the Giffords-Kelly debate – my bet is that they will be the same nutjobs that were at Grijalva’s debate and aren’t even from his district.
    An awful lot of outside interest – and outside money and TV ads – are being aimed at Grijalva.

    • Pamela
      October 18, 2010

      Yes, it will be interesting. I’ll be there with my camera and notebook– but no video. 🙂
      Grijalva, Keane, and Meyer are going ahead with the CD7 debate tonight– without McClung. Her dropping out of this debate commitment doesn’t say much for the steel in her spine. She’s following the lead of Jan Brewer and other Republican candidates– ducking debates (where one is required to coherently express ideas) in favor of soundbites and TV commercials paid for by secretly funded, national right-wing groups.

  16. Plain Ol' B.O.
    October 18, 2010

    Will the District EVER rise up and shuck  this two bit County King Pin?
    Will it continue to be held hostage by his tempermental outbursts, enemies lists, and selective doling of Government favors and largeese? 

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