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‘Macy’s CEO makes local push for holidays’ NOT

Vuela Conmigo (Fly with Me) by Pamela Powers

I read that headline this morning in the local paper– Macy’s CEO makes local push for holidays— and thought, “Cool. A national department store is working with local artisans and artists.”

Well, not really. Sigh.

Basically, all Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundgren is doing is following smart marketing principles and tailoring store content to the geographic area in which it is located. For example, the other day I went to Target to buy baby car seat as a shower gift. It was sunny and 90 degrees outside, but the store had sweaters and snow boots for sale. Wintry signage that was appropriate for Ohio but not Tucson decorated the store.

So, what has the NY-based Macy’s chosen for Tucson? According to the Arizona Daily Star, Macy’s thinks Men’s Lacoste polo shirts and watches, Armani Exchange fine watches, and earthtone bedding and towels with Southwestern patterns (like the Kokopelli) are just perfect for us. Hmmm…

What do I suggest for Tucson shoppers this holiday season? Forsake the Chinese children, forget about WalMart, Target, Macy’s and the rest of the multi-national chains and buy local!

When you buy local, you boost the local economy because a larger percentage of the purchase price stays here in town, and you are helping to grow local businesses. Here is a list of Tucson businesses on the Local First Arizona website.

Also, in Southern Arizona this fall there are several arts and crafts fairs where you can buy unique handmade local gifts–the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Craft Fair (Nov. 19-20), the 30th Annual Cascabel Christmas Fair (Dec. 4-5), the 4th Avenue Street Fair (Dec. 10-12)– and his weekend Tucson Pima Arts Council Open Studio Tour (Nov. 13-14)

For the Open Studio Tour, more than 200 local artists (located all around Tucson) are inviting the public to their studios to chat, snack, watch demonstrations, and hopefully buy art and crafts. Buying directly from artists is very affordable because you don’t pay the gallery or gift shop consignment fees (which can be 50 percent) — or shipping from China. The catch is that many artists can’t afford the fees to accept credit cards, so bring cash, checks, or your Pay Pal log-on information.

The list of participating artists and maps can be found at this link and in the November issue of Zocalo Magazine.

2 comments on “‘Macy’s CEO makes local push for holidays’ NOT

  1. tiponeill
    November 10, 2010

    the other day I went to Target to buy baby car seat as a shower gift.
    After Target made huge contributions to anti-gay Republican politicians ?
    I would recommend that if you want Progressive candidates to win in the future and not be swamped by millions in corporate paid attack ads, you join in boycotting Target and other such companies ( like Best Buy).


  2. Pamela
    November 10, 2010

    Yeah, I know. Target ended up not having what I wanted. They don’t sell car seats seats separately from strollers– which forces young parents to drop $200+ for a combo.
    I hate Best Buy because of their predatory extended warranty and overly strict return policies. It’s a long story, but due to past bad experiences with them, I NEVER go to Best Buy.
    I ended up at Babies R Us– which had a large selection of car seats and a very knowledgeable staff person– a rarity these days.


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