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‘Scrooge of the Year’ Award: Brewer coasts to easy victory

2010 Scrooge of the Year: Governor Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer handily won the Tucson Jobs with Justice Scrooge of the Year Award on Saturday evening at the anual awards dinner.

Seven people were nominated for the 2010 Scrooge Award, but Repulbican politicians dominated the field with  five of the seven nominations. Tucsonans who nominated these would-be Scrooges– two teachers, a former politician, a union leader, and two new media representatives– presented impassioned, detailed, and often sarcastically humorous nominating speeches in front of a crowd of nearly 100 who attended. Here are a few highlights from the nominating speeches.

Brewer was nominated for signing SB1070, lying about beheadings in the desert, scapegoating immigrants to win her election, allowing lobbyists to run the government, championing cuts education and healthcare (while offering additional business tax cuts), defending her transplant patient death panel.

State Senator Russell Pearce was nominated for being the father of SB1070 and other offenses similar similar to Brewer’s but Pearce continues to blaze new trails into white supremacy, immigrant scapegoating. and Constitution-tweaking. While Brewer is seen as more of a dupe and a follower, Pearce is more of an evil doer.

Current Superintendent of Public Instruction and Attorney General-elect Tom Horne was nominated for overseeing the dismantling of public education in Arizona, for standing idly by while the Arizona Legislature repeatedly hacked away at K-12 and university education budgets, and for spearheading the discriminatory anti-ethnic studies law that targets one program at one high school.

Superintendent of Public Instruction-elect John Huppenthal was nominated for being one of those Arizona Legislators who repeatedly hacked away at K-12 and university education budgets; as head of the state’s public education system, it is feared he will kill it.

US Senator Jon Kyl (the 2009 Scrooge of the Year) was nominated for being controlled by corporate lobbyists and saying “no” to any idea or legislation that was suggested by President Obama– regardless of whether it or not it was good for the country– No on healthcare reform, No on financial reform, No multiple times on extension of unemployment benefits, No on plans to help small businesses, No on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, No on the Dream Act, No on the New START treaty.

Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC) was nominated for trying to control Tucson and southern Arizona politics and governments through ballot initiatives and manipulation in order to benefit their wealthy corporatist members.

Sean McClusky was nominated for leading the charge against the proposed 1/2 cent city sales tax by promoting the “cut waste first” slogan; failure of that ballot initiative will result in cutting jobs.

As you can see, party-goers had a very strong slate of evil-doers to choose from for the Scrooge Award. Party tickets (which cost $10) counted for 10 votes, plus party attendees could “buy votes– just like in a regular election in order to stuff the ballot boxes” for favorite candidates. In the end, it wasn’t even close; Governor Brewer won the Scrooge of the Year Award, hands down.

Here are the tallies:

  • Kyl: 41
  • McClusky: 60
  • Huppenthal: 66
  • SALC: 93
  • Horne: 135
  • Pearce: 136
  • Brewer: 207

24 comments on “‘Scrooge of the Year’ Award: Brewer coasts to easy victory

  1. Desert Rose
    December 13, 2010

    Did any of you progressives notice who won the Govenorship?  Again, the minority screams loud, and takes over writing their views, while conservative views are not published.  The title above the article says it all…Tucson Progressive – A voice for progressive thought in Arizona. 
    Thanks, but NO THANKS!


  2. Trek
    December 13, 2010

    Hey Desert Rose, did you read what brewer is doing to Arizona? The facts speak for themselves. She earned the “Scrooge of the Year” award.  And if there were a “Liar” award she would win without question. The “Rock People” voted her in which there seems to be a lot of in Arizona, sadly.


  3. medicareblogger
    December 13, 2010

    Desert Rose represents the majority in Arizona. “Just say no to progressive ideas!”   Dumping services for the poor and the sick is okay.  Taking away mental health services is just fine. Cutting millions from the state universities is brilliant.

    Meanwhile, corporate welfare is dandy. (Raytheon comes to mind.) And building more privatized prisons and filling them with  illegals is considered a good idea. 

    We’ll see if the majority in Arizona is thankful for the return to 19th century ideas on governing after four years of Brewer’s leadership.


  4. andrew farley
    December 13, 2010

    Was there a lot of tissues to cry in at the party? Or did they just cry in their drinks?sigh. No elephant Piniatas to hit either? sigh.


  5. tiponeill
    December 13, 2010

    I think Kyl deserves some kind of lifetime award


    • Pamela
      December 13, 2010

      You’re got a point!


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  7. Jack
    December 13, 2010

    Typical cry baby Illegal lovers upset that Brewer was trying to save our state and our country from the Illegals who have taken over and drained our entire system. Spay and neuter Illegals, just like we do with stray cats and dogs.


    • Pamela
      December 13, 2010

      What would Arizona restaurants and construction companies do without cheap, illegal labor? TeaPublican businesses are breaking the law and making money off of cheap, illegal labor while at the same time railing against undocumented border crossers for breaking the law.


      • recovering progressive
        December 13, 2010

        Hmmm, why is it that it is only conservatives calling for the enforcement of the law.  You comment contradicts the facts.


  8. Trek
    December 13, 2010

    Jack, you are one of the “Rock” people I spoke of earlier. Do humanity a favor and crawl back from where you came.


  9. songlady
    December 13, 2010

    Oh, my,… that award is so richly deserved! 


  10. recovering progressive
    December 13, 2010

    Brewer done did won Scrooge of the Year

    I will assume your original title was a rhetorical device and not indicative of your writing skills.


    • Pamela
      December 13, 2010

      The title in the top news section on the front page of the Citizen was written by the Citizen editors. The title I wrote appears on the article itself.


  11. JoeS
    December 13, 2010

    Thank you to our ELECTED (by a landslide) Governer Brewer.


    Win Win Win Win!!!!!!!!!


    • Pamela Powers
      December 13, 2010

      Watch out. Your white sheet is showing.


      • JoeS
        December 13, 2010


        Is that all you got?        

        Yea ,  probably….

        Sorry honey,   the race(ism) card is overdrawn and has been for some time…


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  16. Doris D
    December 20, 2010

    To 80% of Americans, she is a hero who stands up for her citizens.


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