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FOX News disses Tucson, Yaqui blessing, Obama, and UA students at memorial event (video)

Dr. Carlos Gonzales on the jumbo-tron in Arizona Stadium. (Photo Credit: Pamela Powers)

FOX News pandered to their base with their lopsided coverage of yesterday’s amazing healing event in Tucsonby dissing Tucsonans for not being somber enough after Saturday’s massacre, characterizing the touching Yaqui blessing delivered by Dr. Carlos Gonzales of the University of Arizona College Medicine as “peculiar”, and putting down the audience for greeting President Obama and the news of Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery with cheers.

FOX pundits called the 26,000+ crowd in Tucson “raucous” and criticized us for “whistles” and “whoops” when we learned that our Congresswoman had opened her eyes. (This is the wild west. Don’t they know that?)

Check out the 17+ minute FOX video coverage below.

At about 8:12 minutes, FOX pundits diss the Tucson audience for cheering too much. They say that the event became “out of control” and turned into a “pep rally”. They really didn’t like it when Gonzales said he was a Mexican/Yaqui and a 5th generation Arizonan– although these statements brought great cheers from Tucsonans in McKale Center and in Arizona Stadium.

At about 9:17 minutes, the FOX pundits say Tucsonans are “not mournful enough” and blame that on the crowd containing too many UA students. (I was in Arizona Stadium; although that crowd was mostly not students, our reactions paralleled the McKale audience.)

At about 9:25 minutes, the FOX pundits mock the Yaqui blessing as “too long” and “most peculiar” and say that he was blessing the “doors of the auditorium”– not knowing that Gonzales was honoring the four directions and what they signify.

They did like UA/Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez (about 12:11 minutes). What’s not to like about him saving his boss’ life? But they put down President Obama, saying that the speech will “affect the perception of the president”; I think it affected his perception in a positive manner!

The FOX pundits said it was a “lovely speech” (killing it with faint praise), but it had “too much politics”. (What politics?, I ask.)

Toward the end, the FOX pundits foreshadow what is to come, warning that next week, it will be business as usual on FOX News. Togetherness and no hate speech? Forget about it. That is not in their script.

[tnivideo caption=”FOX News coverage of Tucson memorial event” credit=”FOX News”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STgODHtGECo[/tnivideo]

28 comments on “FOX News disses Tucson, Yaqui blessing, Obama, and UA students at memorial event (video)

  1. JoeS
    January 13, 2011

    While there were times it was appropriate,   there were applause that were in poor taste and quite shocking,   no getting away from that.

    • Pamela Powers
      January 14, 2011

      I totally disag

      • fraser007
        January 14, 2011

        On todays news the press secretary for the President said they were surprised by the crowd reactions at McKale. That was not Fox News that was the White House saying that.
        As for me, if it healed the community then what the heck.

      • fraser007
        January 14, 2011

        And why are MY comments always “awaiting moderation?’ In fact my comments are delayed for the Three Sonorans blogsite all the time is not sometimes never posted. I do not violate code of conduct here or any site. I will disagree …guess maybe I do that too well. I want the “awaiting moderation” taken off or I will be emailing Mark Evans and his chain of command.

      • Pamela
        January 14, 2011

        I don’t know why that happens. It is not under my control.
        Generally, the ones that the system tags as needing moderation are on the edge of propriety somehow (ie, they contain threats of harm or inflammatory language).

      • Cherlyn Gardner Strong
        January 14, 2011

        Fraser007, the majority of the time, my own comments and replies go under moderation. It’s just the way they’ve got things set up here…

      • Pamela
        January 14, 2011

        “Surprised” is an ambiguous term; the FOX News team used more explicit terms.

  2. Fokkks Lies
    January 14, 2011

    And, on Monday, Fox News will give an hour to Sarah Palin on Hannity’s show; so that she can say she is the one true victim in this tragedy and it is her feelings that matter, and if you criticize her, well, it’s because you’re not American enough.  That’s Fox for you.

  3. SnapTie
    January 14, 2011

    It was embarrassing to watch.Never have i seen such a pep rally disguised as a memorial. Oh yes i have the last one for Senator Paul Wellstone.The demographics of the audience prove the point,the give me,give me free stuff supporters of Obama.

    • Pamela Powers
      January 14, 2011

      As an attendee in Arizona Stadium, I thought it was a marvelous event. You could feel the love and community caring.

  4. Isaac
    January 14, 2011

    I loved the Native Blessing, I knew the racists would not comprehend a Native American saying he is Mexican. What really freaks them out is that he’s Native American Mexican and a Doctor, I bet that really scares them.

    • Pamela Powers
      January 14, 2011

      I agree. He is the perfect example of the slogan: “We didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us.”

    • Isaac
      January 14, 2011

      And of course he is also a U.S. Citizen!!!

    • tiponeill
      January 14, 2011

      Britt Hume thinks it wasn’t Jesus enough – only on Fox….

  5. John
    January 14, 2011

    What I saw was shameful.  Whoops and holler, except for the good news about the representative was reprehensible. 

    What disturbs me even more are the people defending it.  It was inappropirate and purile behavior.  Shame on Tuscon for turning what should have been a respectful event into a circus. 

    Please don’t defend it as a “celebration of life”.  I have been to those type of memorials and what I saw was nothing like that. 

    I think what Fox was trying to express in regards to the Yaqui blessing was that it didn’t reflect the victims faiths.  We don’t put crosses on our fallen Jewish soldiers, but a Star of David.  Having this polictically correct intrusion was strange.   Where was the Judge’s priest?  He would have been appropriate because he at lease represented one of the fallen. 

    I guess I can be glad they didn’t serve beer and give away t-shirts with an air-cannon. 

    • Jeff
      January 14, 2011

      We don’t need you here John.  Get the hell out!

    • cochisecitizen
      January 14, 2011

      Please don’t defend it as a “celebration of life”
      Well, you have your celebrations of life your way, and well have them our way. Thanks anyways.

  6. Karl W Hoffman
    January 14, 2011

    I watched the entire memorial live on my lap top,  and I was overjoyed at the camaraderie and healing spirit that Tucson and our many leaders demonstrated, shame on anyone for trying to take that away.  Although our views may differ, I am proud to be here and proud of Tucson. Our state of Arizona is weathering a horrific storm  alone and like any crisis situation sensible decisions are not always made or agreed upon, but that is because we are all human beings and that is what is most important.

    • Pamela
      January 14, 2011

      I agree wholeheartedly.

  7. Jeff
    January 14, 2011

    This is the problem with this world.  People who need to criticize just because of their political affiliation.  Fox can suck it!

  8. Cuauhtemoc
    January 14, 2011

    Fox News and all it’s supporters need to get a Life! Tucson is our Pueblo not yours, we mourn in our own way and respect people of all cultures and religions even if it is not our own. The “Old Pueblo” was built by Mexican and Native People and has existed since the 1600’s (before  the U.S. even existed).  How is it inappropriate to have a Native American blessing in a Native American/Mexican founded Pueblo. Try learning a little about the original traditions of this continent. MEXICA TIAHUI Chantlaca Carlos Gonzales, sigue Adelante! 

  9. SnapTie
    January 14, 2011

    Have you seen today’s poll on the hate filled sheriff? 85% blame him for starting the rhetoric,not bad.The poll also asked if it was your sheriff want would you want him to do? 18% carry on,4% uncertain and 78% resign.

    • tiponeill
      January 14, 2011

      The poll also asked if it was your sheriff …
      It isn’t THEIR sheriff – he’s my sheriff and I’m very happy with him – he won’t have any re-election problems.

      • Pamela
        January 14, 2011

        I agree, tiponeill. Hurray for Dupnik for having the guts to speak his mind.
        “hate-filled sheriff”? Arpaio?

  10. Cuauhtemoc
    January 14, 2011

    Our Sheriff stands up for what is right. That makes me proud that he is our sheriff. Tucson is not a right wing bigot town, like the rest of Arizona.

  11. Karen
    January 14, 2011

    Thanks for the heads up that Tucson loves their wackadoodle sheriff.  Your sheriff had 10 interractions with the killer prior to the massacre. Your sheriff tried to deflect blame to the “right wing”.  Your sheriff lied about an accomplice, and then went on TV and said Loughner has made prior death threats, and then denied saying that.  Your sheriff couldn’t find the black bag the killer had, but an 18 year old walking his dog found it  6 days later- because your sheriff was on TV blaming someone else.

    I have been to Tucson, and thought most of the people were nice.  I think your sheriff is out blaming other people when he was the only one who had the authority to stop this horror. 

    President Obama gave a wonderful speech to a misbehaved audience. I remember the President at the Foot Hood memorial service, and it was so dignified and solemn. There was true mourning and respect. The rally by the U of A was a shameful thing in our history. I felt sorry for President Obama for being put in a situation that hoops and hollers were given up when more respect should have been shown.

    • fraser007
      January 14, 2011

      Good point about the Ft. Hood ceremony. I forgot about that.

      What if the Dallas Police Dept or the FBI had 10 contacts with Lee Harvvey Oswald before Nov 22.??
      As I stated before  the news reported (I saw the video) White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stating that the White House was surprised by the audience reaction at the Tucson ceremony at McKale. Not Fox News this was the White House…meaning President Obama. So what will all of you Progressives say to that.

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