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Republican Party reorganization meeting: The other race for state party chair

To read that left-wing rag TucsonCitizen.com, you’d think the only political party holding a reorg meeting on Saturday, January 22 in Phoenix is the Democratic Party.

But, wait, there’s more… Arizona Republicans also are meeting this Saturday to elect new officers. Their meeting is at the Church for the Nations, 11640 North 19th Avenue in Phoenix from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.– just in case some of you want to show up.

Yes, the Republicans are meeting at a mega-church, while the Democrats are meeting is at the Wyndham downtown– the only unionized hotel in Phoenix. (What does that tell you about these parties?)

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who is running for Republican state party chair because their website is woefully out of date. The GOP state party president’s blog hasn’t been updated since last July, the last press release is from November 3, 2010, and there is no information about Saturday’s big meeting except the date, time, and place. Hey– I know you guys have money, hire a webmaster! (No wonder Ed Schultz says progressives are going to win 2012 next election with new media.)

On today’s John C. Scott Show (The JOLT, 1330 am), Republican Party mouthpiece Bruce Ash rattled off the names of 5-6 “true conservatives” who are running for state party chair. Since I never heard of any of them, I wrote to the Arizona Republican Party and asked for the names of the men who are running for state chair and a copy of their bios. (Of course, the list is all men– as is the Democrats’ list.) I’ll let you know if they respond.

There are several political bloggers involved in the Pima County Democratic Party, and many of us will be in Phoenix on Saturday. I say we draw straws to see who goes over to the Church for the Nations on Saturday and tries to get a press pass to the Republican reorg meeting. So far, none of the boys have responded to my challenge. Come on, guys, one of us should go over there– with a camera. (The Democrats, of course, are offering press passes to all media– even bloggers.)

4 comments on “Republican Party reorganization meeting: The other race for state party chair

  1. Jim Hannley
    January 19, 2011

    Oh, I would love to see your report on their meeting.


    • Pamela
      January 20, 2011

      Yes, I can see me going there with my video camera– like Michael Moore naively waltzing up to a corporate HQ and wondering why they won’t let him in. 🙂


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