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Arizona Legislators should read the newspaper more often

Last week the news carried several stories about the antics of Arizona’s wacky Legislature at work. What I found interesting was that in the bowels of the Arizona Daily Star, there were related stories that could have helped our Legislators in their deliberations over anchor babies,  drug smuggling, birth certificates, and gun controll– if they read the newspaper.

All of these examples are from the January 28 Star.

As Arizona’s anchor baby law takes shape, Indiana’s is struck down.

Bills would bar citizenship to illegal immigrants’ kids (page 1)

Federal ruling in Ind. favors entrants’ kids (pageA15)

Also, from the January 28 Star, Ranchers want more high-tech border surveillance, more troupes, and more guns– while Mexicans lob pot over the fence with a catapult and build tunnels. I think the Mexicans have been watching The Tudors mini-series. Henry VIII won one of his last great great battles– against a walled city– with catapults and tunnels.

Border holes must be plugged, Ariz. ranchers tell lawmakers (page 4)

Smugglers fly pot over border with catapult (page 1)

Arizona Legislators want Obama’s birth certifice once and for all. Hawaiian Legislators are now selling copies for $100 each.

Arizona lawmakers: Candidates, including Obama, must prove US birth

HI bill would give anyone Obama birth info for fee (page A17)

From the January 30 Star…
Businessmen are worried about Arizona’s image– which may be shifting from that of a sunshine state with low corporate taxes to a lawless state where armed crazy people wander the streets (ya think?)– and Girl Scouts are afraid they’ll be shot while selling cookies in front of grocery stores. In the meantime, Tucson State Senator Frank Antenori wants to further loosen gun laws and allow people to wander the streets at night “hunting varmints.”

Shooting aftermath worries business (page 1)

Booth sales frighten some Girl Scouts after shooting (page B1)

Antenori: OK night hunting of ‘varmints’ (page B1)

Russell Pearce– get your cronies to work on the state’s real problems and stop diddling around with these side issues.

7 comments on “Arizona Legislators should read the newspaper more often

  1. Hugh Holub
    January 31, 2011

    I’ve always wondered if because of the intense heat in the Salt River Valley that fried everyone’s brains down there. Time for America’s 51st state…Baja Arizona.


  2. Joel
    January 31, 2011

    If you got your facts straight and didn’t resort to biased fear mongering then maybe the Legislators would bother to read the paper more.  As it is your irrelivant.  
    Frank Antenori isn’t looking to have people doing “varmit hunting” at night in downtown Tucson. He wants to let responisble hunters go after varmits and preditory animals after dark.  His bill is actually quite responsible and would deal with the major issues and I would recommend you really read the article in question not just the title before going off half cocked.  And as for the city hunting, he is proposing to allow hunting in open “wild” areas that have been incorporated but are not built up.  Hunting with in a 1/4 mile of a building would still be against hunting regulations.  In reality nothing would change.  As it is both night hunting and city hunting have been done in many states successfully and safely for a long time. 


  3. Ken
    January 31, 2011

    One possible reason the legislators don’t take their informatiion from the Arizona Daily Star is that it shows bias and is selective in its news.  Thus they don’t usually read it.  I thought everyone knew about the Red Star.


    • Pamela
      January 31, 2011

      I guess you haven’t read the Star since the new ownership took over a few years back. The Red Star is long gone!


      • JoeS
        January 31, 2011

        “The Red Star is long gone!”

        Meet the new boss,  same as the old boss….


  4. madashe77
    January 31, 2011

    I’m certain the good people of Arizona understand that the newpaper is just a way for idiots to spread their viewpoints…. with your read, I rest my case….


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