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White Panthers: The corporatists and cronies who run Arizona with Russell Pearce’s help

Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce

Arizona has been in a state of devolution since Governor Jan Brewer, her right-hand man State Senate President Russell Pearce, and their lobbyist cronies took two years ago.

You know the details– over $1 billion in debit with no plans to fix it; sacrificing K-12 and higher education to fund private prisons; ducking out of Medicaid and defunding transplants to fund lower corporate taxes; pandering to gun nuts (yes, anyone who wants looser gun laws in AZ is nuts) to hold onto her right-wing base while ignoring the facts that our gun laws are out-of-control; and diddling with side issues– anchor babies, two-tiered birth certificates, Obama’s birth certificate, guns on college campuses, and shooting varmints— rather than working on legislation to put Arizonans back to work. Need I go on? (Seriously, we should have would-be lawmakers take an IQ test.)

How did we get here? Or, more importantly, how did Russell Pearce– Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio crony, former Chief Deputy under Sheriff Joe, and  former head of Arizona’s Department of Motor Vehicles (who was fired for tampering with records)– get to be the most powerful man in Arizona?

The old fashioned way– money.

For more background on Pearce and the rich “White Panthers” behind his rise to power, check out this story.
Arizona’s New White Panther Party: Money & (Anchor) Baby Hate

And after you’re thoroughly disgusted, check out the Pearce recall effort launched yesterday. If you want to volunteer to collect signatures or donate to the effort sponsored by Citizens for a Better Arizona, check out their RecallPearce website.

2 comments on “White Panthers: The corporatists and cronies who run Arizona with Russell Pearce’s help

  1. trek
    February 1, 2011

    Excellent, let the truth be told. All to often people expect our law makers to create logical laws based on citizens needs. Pearce has a personal agenda based on racism, hate and a complete disregard for the welfare of the general population. And if anyone doubts this, please show me proof that any of his initiatives have benefited Arizona. The biggest and most racist one, SB1070 has cost our economy millions of dollars along with a horrific reputation and continued boycott of our state. And he is not done. Please name one initiative that has the phrase “job creation” in it. I will gladly recant if you can show otherwise. We need jobs, not racist based laws.


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