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Mad Max: Arizona’s post-apocalyptic future or next year? (video)

Mel Gibson as Mad Max (Photo Credit:MyFreeWallPapers.com)

What is the future of Arizona? In the past 24 hours, two of my friends likened our future to a Mad Max movie. Think about it… No water. Scarce gasoline, food, and shelter. Plenty of sand, guns, crazy drivers. fear, and social unrest. Rugged, every-man-for-himself individualism.

Yikes. Ya gotta admit… they’ve got a point. My only question is, given the current leadership at the state level: Is this Arizona’s post-apocalyptic future or next year?

…the world has “crumbled and…the cities have exploded;” uprisings and social disorder due to energy shortages have destabilized the country; and that “two mighty warrior tribes” had gone to war. The crumbling remnants of the government attempt to restore some form of order, but life has become a “whirlwind of looting and a firestorm of fear, in which men began to feed on men.”

In the film’s opening scene, Max Rockatansky (Mel GibsonMel Gibson) clashes with a team of marauders. Clad in his torn and dirty leather police uniform with his knee in an improvised brace after being shot in the first film, Max roams the desert in a scarred, black, supercharged Pursuit Special, scavenging for food and, especially, petrol, which has become a precious commodity. He also has a pet dog (an Australian Cattle Dog), who has been his only companion, and a rare functioning firearm — a sawn-off shotgun — the ammunition for which is also scarce. [From Wikipedia.]

[tnivideo caption=”Scenes from Mad Max: The Road Warrior” credit=”pachuco0123″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPOG1UxPRmY[/tnivideo]

17 comments on “Mad Max: Arizona’s post-apocalyptic future or next year? (video)

  1. Frank S Lechuga
    February 3, 2011

    Their utopia will become our dystopia.  Other people are seeing where all this is heading.  Check out my blog … http://www.frankslechuga.com/

  2. fraser007
    February 3, 2011

    Thats OK all of us right wing Republicans will have all the guns!!!! LOL

    • PR
      February 3, 2011

      The great myth that no democrats own guns, served in military, know how to defend themselves! 🙂 I guess that is a moment of awe and shock for some when they discover that ones political views, party has nothing to do with ones belief in 2nd amendment, one can believe in 2nd amendment and not be a looney tune advocate for 2nd amendment remedy elections! 🙂 Keep on thinking only the right wingers have guns, in a post apocalyptic world, bullets will slowly but surely become obsolete, due to natural nature, moisture, cold/heat condensation! Old Albert Einstien predicted the “third world war will be fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth world war with bows and arrows”, my advice one had best learn a bit of archery as well, something us outdoorsmen of all strips and parties find enjoyable! 🙂

      • JoeS
        February 3, 2011

        ” Keep on thinking only the right wingers have guns”


        We “right wingers” are aware that the criminal element has firearms as well….the news tells us every night.

      • fraser007
        February 3, 2011

        Got you there. My relatives are Welsh. Ever hear of the Welsh Longbow. We wiped out French knights at 250 yards. Right through the armor. We have been stocking up for just this situation!!! LOL

      • JoeS
        February 3, 2011

        Sounds alot like one of of dem dere long range  “Assault Bows” using “armor piercing/knight of the realm killer arrows”

        We will have to assess it’s sporting value to determine if you can continue to possess such a weapon of mass destruction….

    • tiponeill
      February 3, 2011

      Not unless you can pry mine from my cold dead hands 😉

      • JoeS
        February 3, 2011

        You are finally seeing the light.

    • Robert Rowley
      February 3, 2011

      Don’t bet on that.

  3. leftfield
    February 3, 2011

    We don’t need guns right now.  We need some adult supervision.

    • JoeS
      February 3, 2011

      If you think that is our future maybe you guys should leave the State…..I’ll cover your escape. 


      • trek
        February 3, 2011

        Sounds like some folk needs to go to time out.

      • JoeS
        February 3, 2011

        Naa,  they are not serious about shooting us w/ arrows and stuff.

      • fraser007
        February 3, 2011

        I think too many of us have seen the movie “The Road” too many times.
        We get cold for two nights and the gas is out for a day and all of the Progressives are posting blogs like this. Wierd.

  4. fraser007
    February 3, 2011

    All the normal players are here tonight!…LOL

  5. captain walker
    February 3, 2011

    but you can fly away, and say bye de bye to the high scrapers. watch out for the gang called turbulence. vvvv videoooooo!

    freakin sheoples.

  6. Frank L. Parker
    February 4, 2011

    You got it wrong, Mad Max was the first flick he got shot in the knee. Road Warrior is the 2nd, M.M.B.T.D. the third

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