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Press conference and demonstration against discriminatory AZ legislation, Feb. 22 in Phoenix (updated twice)

This has been a banner year for sometimes-crazy and often-dangerous bills in the Arizona Legislature.

Several of these bills will be heard by the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee on February 22, 2011 at 2 p.m. in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Urban Health Collective and migrant community groups are calling on doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, and concerned citizens to protest SB 1405, which would require hospitals to determine citizenship before providing medical care. The group is organizing a press conference and demonstration to speak out against this bill and others.

They are asking everyone who opposes this and other discriminatory Arizona legislation to attend the press conference outside of the Arizona Senate Building and sign up to speak at the press conference and/or in the Senate Chambers. Below is a link showing the agenda for the committee; several bills will be reviewed.

Here is the information about the demonstration and press conference.

We will be holding a press conference at 12:30 to let the nation know about this inhumane and dangerous bill. The conference will be held in a hearing room in the Senate Building and we will announce exactly where when we have this information.

We urge you to try to show up around 12:00 and plan to stay for the afternoon and perhaps into the evening as there are many items on the agenda for the hearing and we do not know in what order they will be heard.

If you are a healthcare provider we ask that you show this by wearing your scrubs or whatever you normally wear to work. Please encourage your co-workers to come as well, we need a huge turnout!

We encourage EVERYONE to sign up to speak during the hearing. There will be volunteers available to assist you at the kiosks in the Senate building.

We are also hoping for a large crowd outside of the senate building actively demonstrating against this and other bills under consideration that day.

There will be numerous bills before the Senate Appropriations Committee that are of great concern. While we are somewhat focused on SB 1405, we also feel that the other equally discriminatory, anti-immigrant, and anti-health bills need to be protested and spoken out against as well. Here is a list of the bills that concern us the most (subject to change as the list is updated):

SB 1308 – Interstate compact; birth certificates—seeks to issue separate birth certificates to those born in this country to undocumented and visa-holder parents.

SB 1309—Arizona citizenship—seeks to redefine the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment to only allow those born in the US to one parent who is a citizen or permanent resident to become a US citizen.

SB 1405—Hospital Admissions; restrictions—seeks to require hospitals to verify immigration status of all emergency patients as well as patients who are admitted.

SB 1407—Schools; data; noncitizen students—seeks to require schools to identify and collect data on undocumented students.

SB 1519—AHCCCS; termination—seeks to terminate the state Medicare system AHCCCS. Monies will be redistributed and $900,000,000 will go to the state general fund

SB 1611—Immigration omnibus—this bill is still listed as “Pending Introduction, First Reading and Committee Assignment”. It requires watching.

For more information on these bills, search here:http://www.azleg.gov/bills.asp

Appropriations Committee Agenda:http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=%2Fagendas%2F02220154102.doc.htm

Please spread the word and invite your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers!

Here is a facebook link for more information.

Feb. 22 UPDATE: According to Random Musings blogger Craig McDermott, more than 100 people showed up for this demonstration at the Arizona State Senate’s Appropriations Committee Meeting, but the Senate stalled with floor business instead of having the scheduled committee meeting. Here is an afternoon update from McDermott…

What is almost unheard-of is the fact that the committee hearing room, SHR109, is locked tight and Capitol police have just cleared the hundred+ people waiting for the hearing. Most of the folks present are opposed to one or more of the bills on the agenda.

Everybody has been funnelled into SHR1, which is serving as overflow seating. It’s at least 3X the size of SHR109, and it is full.

Feb. 22 SECOND UPDATE: The Senate Appropriations Committee did start meeting– about 1.5 hours late, according to McDermott.

17 comments on “Press conference and demonstration against discriminatory AZ legislation, Feb. 22 in Phoenix (updated twice)

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  2. RH
    February 21, 2011


    Looks like Fox & Friends are in deep trouble in New Jersey! But I have often wondered a decade ago or so, a Australian billionaire & his chinese wife came to America, created this “media empire” and now is rumored to be building a retirement home in Bejjing China, ironic a avowed capitalist retiring to a communist country? Not if one wonder’s was he a agent sent to create a 5th column in America sewing dissent, division, hatred, playing on our nations racists, political divides, destroying us from with in! Anyone but me wonder how in 1994 they came for the poor in America, villified them, called them lazy, shiftless, free loaders, in 2010 they came for the unfortunate unemployed, whose jobs got exported to China/India through no fault of theirs, but again called them lazy, shiftless free loaders, now today we see them coming for the employed in Wisconsin, calling them the very same names…….but 70,000 angry citizens did not go quietly! 🙂


  3. fraser007
    February 22, 2011

    There are less and less reasons to be reading this electronic version of the Tucson Citizen. Nothing but “Progressive” blogsites and open borders writers.
    If fewer people like me comment then you will be just preaching to the choir. I almost pity you poor fools.


    • RH
      February 22, 2011

      It is a free country, one can choose to read, not read, sad some cannot control their eyes, ears and not view and hear things which bother them, but guess that is why some suffer from “obsessive/compulsive issues”! 🙂 If I hated reading or seeing something I simply don’t read it, have total 100% control over my radio dial, television remote! 🙂 Try it you might be happier! 🙂


      • fraser007
        February 22, 2011

        Thats great but I have been banned from the Three Sonorans blogsite as well as the Hispanic Republican etc sites. (Guess The Three Sonorans writes those too , but secretly!!) I have violated no rules I just disagree with them and I would hope that they are intelligent comments. Reminds me of living in Moscow in 1968. Its not that I can just not read the sites but they go out of their way to delete people they dont like.


        • Pamela
          February 22, 2011

          Trust me, the Three Sonorans does not write Hispanic Republican.


    • cochisecitizen
      February 22, 2011

      Here, here, fraser! Just what we need in Arizona – more laws and more government. I see from the Star that another important milestone has been reached – our hero Russell Pearce has introduced legislation that will ban illegals from driving in the state. What a stroke of sheer genius! We’re going to make it illegal to drive while in the country illegally! But this is only the first step – we need to make it illegal to use public toilets while in the country illegally! We already have enough crap in this state coming from the AZ legislature. We should make it a class 1 felony to fart while in the country illegally. We already have  enough bad gas in our state.


      • RH
        February 22, 2011

        Let’ see you get to pay higher taxes for incarcerating these illegal drivers, guess that tax bill will tone down your tingle down your right wing leg your feeling today! 🙂


    • The Lou Show
      February 22, 2011

      Awwwwwwww.  Poor Fraser.


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  5. RH
    February 22, 2011

    There is  old saying “beware what one wishes for” it might be worse than ones status quo, but hey, time will tell how all this pans out, my best guess is history is any lesson it waxes and wains, and nothing really changes, but the names and faces of those in higher office, its a see saw effect, up, down, right & left politics! ;-)I don’t attend rallies, town hall meetings, political events, and only donate money on national presidential elections, and never ever worry about who wins or looses, life will go on no matter which party or group is running the show, its a never ending merry go around! 🙂


    • Francine
      February 22, 2011

      You’re right!  It all depends on who is in power at the moment.  And it all changes every 2, 4 or 8 years.  American politics are like a giant pendulum.  If you don’t like what’s happening now, be patient, it will soon all swing back the other way and to the same excess.


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