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Communist Party head braves Arizona: Sam Webb to speak in Tucson and Phoenix

Communist! Fascist! Socialist! Nazi! Liberal! Teapublican! Capitalist!

Often political labels are tossed about in the US will little understanding of what they mean. This coming weekend Arizonans will have a rare opportunity to learn more about communism, socialism, and, most likely, capitalism from Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party USA.

There are a lot of misconceptions about far left-wing politics, so I hope people will view these events with an open mind and forget the scare-tactic propaganda from the Cold War Era.

“Socialism won’t be on the agenda [in the US] until the American people put it there. They have to come to the conclusion through their own experiences that capitalism doesn’t work, that it is a dysfunctional system, and that socialism would better meet their needs,” Webb said in a recent interview on The Lou Show. 

With secret campaign financing and the corporate oligarchy’sdramatically increased governmental power (thanks to Citizens United), the shift of wealth to the richest 1% and away from the rest of us, and the all-out assault on workers by Teapublicans in Wisconsin, Arizona, and other Republican-controlled states, I wonder how many Americans already realize that capitalism isn’t working for anyone who makes less than $1 million per year. To learn more about Webb and his philosophies, check out a recent essay.

Webb will give two talks in Arizona– one in Tucson and the second in Phoenix. Here are the details.

Tucson Event
In Tucson, the Salt of the Earth Labor College will host Today’s Struggles and the Socialist Future, a presentation and discussion with Webb on Saturday, March 12, 2011, beginning at 2 p.m. Seating is limited; come a bit early. A reception for Webb will follow the discussion.

Salt of the Earth labor College is located at 1902 East Irene Vista, on the southeast corner of Campbell Ave. and Irene Vista just east of Kino Parkway and about a half mile south of 36th Street. For more information or better directions: SELC@webtv.net or (520)235-0694. For a full Spring 2011 Salt of the Earth Labor College schedule click here.

Phoenix Event
The Phoenix Chapter of the Communist Party USA will host a picnic on March 13 in honor of Webb, who will present on the same topic– Today’s Struggles and the Socialist Future.

The picnic will begin at 1 p.m. at Kiwanis Park in Tempe, Ramada #5. For $5, you’ll get picnic food, cold beer, progressive politics, music, poetry, and Webb’s talk. The donation will benefit PeoplesWorld.org, the Communist Party’s online newspaper. Kids can attend for free.

For the full Lou Show interview, click here.

21 comments on “Communist Party head braves Arizona: Sam Webb to speak in Tucson and Phoenix

  1. Mattie
    March 9, 2011

    Soooo….what day is the PHX event?

    • Pamela Powers
      March 9, 2011

      Sunday, March 13.

  2. leftfield
    March 9, 2011

    Amen and thanks for putting this out.

    • Fraser007
      March 9, 2011

      Somehow I just knew that you would be the first (and probably the only) comment on this story. Like I always say there are more communists in New York and Berkley than in Moscow.
      I can see you sitting in the front row with your Che T-shirt on and Birkenstocks! lol

      • The Lou Show
        March 9, 2011

        Did you actually go and take a listen to the show, Fraser?  Or are you just giving out your usually snappy-yet-stupid comeback on anything progressive?
        Let me ask you something in all seriousness, Fraser:  Are you at a point in your life where you sincerely believe you need not learn anything new?  Are you that staid and so far gone?  Are you “done”?  Are you ready to die?
        Why don’t you go check out that interview before you offer your usually condemning comment?  I can assure you that there is absolutely no mention of Che T-shirts or Birkenstocks in that interview.
        One more thing:  Don’t you think it’s about time to stop making jokes using “Che T-shirts or Birkenstocks”?
        I honestly cannot respect anyone who makes any kind of joke about something they have yet to experience . . . and I can guarantee that there is content in this interview I did with Sam that contains things you have NOT experienced . . . especially if you are going to make lame jokes using  “Che T-shirts and Birkenstocks”.
        For my future shows, I think I will start using jokes about You, Fraser.  Not only could this get you to listen in, it might just be something funny we can all join in and laugh about . . . except you.
        Again . . . I really cannot respect anyone who merely makes jokes without actually experiencing something.  Doing something like this may make you popular at cocktail parties, but we’ll all be laughing about you on The Lou Show.  I challenge you to be more creative.

      • Three Sonorans
        March 9, 2011

        I heard some ads on the JOLT today about this event… someone with a very sexy voice…

      • JoeS
        March 9, 2011

        Did you recognize his voice?

      • Fraser007
        March 10, 2011

        Lou Show: Guess what. The comment was directed to Leftfield who, if you have not guessed, unlike you has a sense of humor. He and I will trade funny comments back and forth. You sir, take yourself far too seriously. And no I did not listen to the radio show of a communist. Nor would I ever take my time to listen to your so called radio show. Dont bother to make any jokes at my expense, I wont be listening.

        You would be proud of me I actually watched on THIS TV Channel on Comcast the movie “Che” with Jack Palance and Omar Shariff as the one and only Che. The film was horribly panned when it came out. IMDB website has a lot of good information on it. Omar was ashamed he made it. I was interested in it as a period piece. A long forgotten time of history where the hero gets shot to s**t in the end. One less commie bites the dust. You would have cried at the end of the movie. I bet you have a DVD copy of the film. If not I bet Amazon.com has a copy. You have my permission to put that in your radio show. But I am willing to bet nobody is listening. If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there doeas it make a sound. Or when “The Lou Show” speaks on the radio does anybody hear the noise. Nope!

      • leftfield
        March 9, 2011

        And somehow I knew you would be the second to comment.  You are very reliable and can always be counted on, fraser. 

        I do have a couple of Che shirts.  He is a favorite of mine.  I do not think he was the greatest analyst of issues regarding socialism, but you gotta admire someone who is willing to ‘walk the walk’, regardless of the personal cost.  Birkenstocks – no, don’t have any.  If I did, I’d probably be the guy wearing socks with his birkenstocks. 

        Will we see you there?  I’m sure the usuals will be disappointed if you don’t show.    

      • Fraser007
        March 10, 2011

        See comment above directed to the “Lou Show”. I didnt scroll down far enough to see your comment. Someone tell Lou the either get a life or loosen up a little. Your comment was as I predicted.

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  4. JoeS
    March 9, 2011

    Subaru Outbacks will be lining the streets at these events…

    • Pamela
      March 9, 2011

      Outbacks are so last year. Watch for hybrids.

      • JoeS
        March 9, 2011


        Outbacks for out of touch lefty losers,  and hybrids are for the trendy left.


      • leftfield
        March 10, 2011

        And pickups with the naked lady silhouette mud flaps for the in-the-know knuckle-draggers of the right.  Yesterday’s neandertals go with the truck testicles.

      • JoeS
        March 10, 2011

        Sir,  you wound me!!

        If it were not for my ARS compliant dark tint you would have also seen my gunrack.

      • leftfield
        March 10, 2011

        Darn, I knew I forgot something. 

      • Pamela Powers
        March 10, 2011

        Leftfield– you forgot to mention the giant trucks. The theory on who drives the giant trucks is similar to a recent thread about the manliness of guys who feel compelled to carry guns. 🙂

  5. leftfield
    March 10, 2011

    The linked essay is interesting.  I am not in agreement entirely, but nonetheless it is refreshing and thought-provoking to read.  Unfortunately, it is also very dense and full of concepts and words that no one who isn’t well versed in Marxism would comprehend, let alone be moved by.  I guess this is OK if it is intended to be directed only at the core cadre, but we definitely we to reach out, inspire and provide some type of leadership for those most injured during this current period of right wing extremist ascendancy.   

    • Pamela Powers
      March 10, 2011

      Agreed. I like the historic quotes at the beginning. Introduce yourself if you come on Saturday.

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