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Hundreds at Tucson march honor the legacy of Cesar Chavez (video)

Hundreds of people of all ages, races, and ethnicities honored the memory of Cesar Chavez and the farm workers’ struggle at a march and rally in Tucson on March 26, 2011.

11 comments on “Hundreds at Tucson march honor the legacy of Cesar Chavez (video)

  1. James
    March 27, 2011

    Irony at its best. You honor a man who fought for workers rights, but want to employ immigrants so you dont have to give them the rights these people fought for.

    • George
      March 27, 2011

      Chavez knew full well that many agricultural workers are immigrants.  This country depends on undocumented labor for its food.  All he wanted to do was help them get paid and treated decently.

    • George
      March 27, 2011

      Chavez knew full well that many agricultural workers are immigrants.  This country depends on undocumented labor for its food.  All he wanted to do was help them get paid and treated decently.

      • JoeS
        March 27, 2011

        George there are machines that will do that labor these days,  but the plantation owners have no desire to drop that kinda coin when there is State sponsored slaves to be exploited.

    • Fraser007
      March 27, 2011

      Good point.

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  3. bill
    March 27, 2011

    Well said James.
    Chavez was fighting for Hispanic “American Citizens” rights not illegal aliens rights, of which he spoke against.  But what racist like, martinez, the ambulance chaser, demonstrated in that sham of a debate the other day with Horne is a shame. It was an opportunity for miscreants as himself,  like this march has been,  to promote the racist agenda that “white people bad”, “people of color good”.  “White people only evil on planet”, “people of color oppressed innocent ones”. It is to perpetuate the myth that people in this country don’t want illegal immigrants in America because of the economy which is what that liar maritinez said that evening.  Largely it is because the farmer work force is around two percent of the illegal population whereas the other 98% who are here illegally are not.  It is because if the crime and violence they bring with them. The gang violence. It is because they steal identities of true Americans. They don’t pay taxes and send American money into that joke of a country mexico. It is because they are an economic drain at the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year for they are totally uneducated, too lazy to learn English, are having “anchor babies” by the score to further the la raza, and reconquista racist agenda. Americans have finally woke up to how our country has become a welfare state for mexico and other latin american banana republics.

    The American people have become aware of how the mexican government (so-called), working with la raza and reconquista perpetuate the myth that this is their country. They are lying opportunist with the mentality of nazi Germany. Why like nazi Germany. One of their mantras is, and I paraphrase: “ if it isn’t latino it doesn’t deserve to exist”. Also, the white race of American is getting old and dying off and we will take over with shear numbers. Of course they mean the black and any other as they have demonstrated by their violence against other races in Los Angeles.
    They are lying opportunist in that they prey on the minds of uneducated mexicans. They prey on hispanic opportunist who want something for nothing or their naivete’ too real history. They teach that Americans (which they call white) are mean, ruthless people who have done nothing but bad things to “people of color”. The immense good that America has done for all is conveniently not mentioned. As that miscreant, martinez said in the debate. “I want my son to know of the deliberate syphilis inflicted on others.” and other semi-real or imagined atrocities. It is glaringly obvious that he and his ilk want to paint a picture of white American as being this cess-pool of evil whereas people of color as la raza puts it are this benevolent people who have been taken advantage of by the evil white people. They want to create a hatred so emotion blocks true education and reason. That true education. What I call “They Precious Knowledge”.
    The ancestors of the hispanic in mexico and America, are largely from Spain and Portugal. They have a horrid history of genocide, slavery, and wanton destruction of the Native Mexican’s. The list of atrocities I dare say makes America’s so called atrocities pale by comparison. What these racist organizations and the mexican government opportunistically fails to point out is why the mexican speaks Spanish. Why do they not speak the following tribal languages today?:
    [Amuzgo] [Chatino] [Chinantec] [Ch’ol] [Chontal of Oaxaca] [Chontal of Tabasco] [Cora] [Cuicatec] [Huarijio] [Huasteco] [Huave] [Mayan] [Mayo] [Mazatec] [Mixe] [Mixtec] [Náhuatl] [Otomi] [Popoloca] [Popoluca] [Purepecha (Tarascan)] [O’odham (Papago, Pima)] [Seri] [Tarahumara] [Tepehuan] [Tequistlatec] [Tlapanec (Me’phaa)] [Totonac] [Triqui] [Tzeltal] [Tzotzil] [Yaqui] [Zapotec] [Zoque]
    Why? Because Spain and Portugal destroyed their culture. They enforced their way of life, religion (primarily Catholic), and Spanish language on them or it meant death. Now that’s the “Precious Knowledge” that these racist organizations don’t want people today to know.
    The details of all the heinous deeds are their for all to read if they dare. But for those who have become used to a hand-outs instead of being honest and making an honest living ignorance is bliss, therefore they don’t want the truth.

  4. JoeS
    March 27, 2011

    Yep,  ol Cesar and Delores made a few trips down to the border and it was not to hand out milk and cookies….

    • leftfield
      March 27, 2011

      So, now you’re a big union supporter, Joe?  It was not a struggle against migration per se, but a struggle against those who would ‘scab’; a scab being the lowest form of animal life. 

      It’s very unseemly when the fascist right attempts to hijack the memories and works of the likes of Cesar and MLK, Joe. It’s like an ill-fitting suit. 

      • JoeS
        March 27, 2011

        Hehe…well,  I am a dues paying union member after all.

        I am on record here stating that an unlimited supply of labor (like the open border provides)  only drives down wages and at best stagnates them.

        Corporate America LOVES open borders……

      • leftfield
        March 27, 2011

        I am shocked. 

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