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AZ flat tax dead… for now

Hurray for an informed citizenry!

Rep. Steve Court (R-Mesa) has withdrawn his proposal for an Arizona flat tax, which would have raised taxes on all Arizonans making less than $100,000 and lowered taxes on everyone making more than that amount.

Court’s flat tax sailed through the Arizona House with only Democrats voting against it. It also passed a Senate panel recently– again with only Democratic opposition. I, for one, thought that Arizonans were about to be seriously screwed by the Legislature, but according to Court, he pulled the legislation because he got calls and questions from voters. Yes!

Unfortunately, Teapublicans like Court don’t give up easily. According to the Arizona Daily Star, he is going to put lipstick on that pig and come up with a spin campaign to dupe voters …er… rewrite the bill and educate the electorate about the value of taxing the working class, while letting the rich keep 40% more cash.

I agree that Arizona’s tax structure needs an overhaul, but my graduated tax plan would have added more tax brackets in the upper income levels– thus increasing taxes on the wealthy– and would have added more corporate tax brackets. (As you know, the Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer already increased corporate welfare by decreasing the corporate tax rate.)

For more details on the temporary demise of the flat tax, here’s a link to the Star article.

2 comments on “AZ flat tax dead… for now

  1. Tim
    April 6, 2011

    I believe this author is dumber than shit.  Adding more tax brackets isn’t more effecient since the standard deduction makes the interest rate increase gradually on every dollar more that you earn.   A person making 20K a year gets taxed on 10K which cuts the flat rate in half.  A person making a 100K a year gets taxed on 90K thus increasing the total percent taken out of their pay.   Math is simple (accept for the writer of the article)-2% of 10K versus 2% of 90K.  The effective tax rate for each income is not 2% since you have a standard tax deduction.


  2. Dave Patrick
    September 7, 2011

    The guy making 20K will be figuring how they are going to feed, cloth and house themselves without the additional tax. The guy making the 100K probably will not miss the few extra dollars, I make about 150K a year and I know I don’t. Maybe we need to wonder how hungry that person that is performing all of those personal services around you for 8 or 10 dollars and hour gets before he decides the hell with it and decides to get a gun (easy in this state) and take what you have plenty of. Free enterprise is by no means fair and a progressive tax structure helps even out the bumps a little unless you prefer class warfare as history has taught us is certain result of your flat tax idea.


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