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Randy Parraz updates Progressive Dems on Pearce Recall (video)– UPDATED

[tnivideo caption=”Randy Parraz Updates Progressive Democrats Regarding Recall Pearce Campaign” credit=”Alison”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNslN7PKOLY[/tnivideo]

Randy Parraz, primary cheerleader for the Recall Russell Pearce campaign, updated the Progressive Caucus of the Arizona Democratic Party at their recent meeting in Tucson. The recall effort has exceeded the minimum number of signatures needed, but since some signatures are always rejected as invalid, they will use the next 40 or so days to collect as many signatures as possible.

If you would like to donate to the recall effort or volunteer to collect signatures in Mesa, check their website.

UPDATE on the Disappearing Video

Well, if you didn’t watch the attached video during the few short hours it was available on You Tube and the Citizen, you’re not going to watch it now.

Parraz contacted the amateur videographer who shot it and asked her to pull the video of his public speech at a public meeting. (The Arizona Democratic Party’s Statewide Committee Meeting and related caucus meetings are open to the press and any self-proclaimed Democrat. Several political bloggers and a reporter from the Arizona Republic were there.)

Frankly, I don’t understand this suppression of free speech. Wearing my TucsonCitizen.com press pass, I was sitting next to Alison while she openly filmed Parraz and other speakers. Parraz could see that she was taping his presentation. (I also would have been filming– if I hadn’t forgotten to charge my camera batteries. Doh.)

Parraz claimed the speech included sensitive campaign information and should be pulled for that reason, but I don’t remember hearing anything really new in the speech. Yes, we can bring this guy down. We’re working hard, but we need more signatures! You can help! I thought it was a great speech— fiery, not too long– which is why I asked Alison for the link.

What is highly ironic about the disappearance of this video-taped campaign speech shot openly at a public meeting is that the anti-Pearce bloggers practice guerilla journalism against Pearce, Tom Horne, and other people they don’t like. They shove video cameras in the faces of politicians and aggressivley shout questions to provoke a reaction.  Would these bloggers ever pull a video because the subject didn’t like it? I don’t think so.

So, there are lessons learned all around. Alison now knows her rights as a citizen journalist; she had every right to shoot that video of a public speech in a public forum and publish it online.  Randy now knows that every time he makes a public speech in a public meeting he could be quoted or filmed or both. And I know to keep my camera batteries charged!

7 comments on “Randy Parraz updates Progressive Dems on Pearce Recall (video)– UPDATED

  1. Fraser007
    April 17, 2011

    Wasn’t Parraz the guy who came in fourth in a five way race? Or maybe third? Whatever….dont count on winning this one. It will fail 70-30. Same ratio by the amount that SB1070 won and will win each time.


    • The Lou Show
      April 18, 2011

      Au Contraire, Fraser Maniac.   It doesn’t matter where Parraz placed in the last race.  This is about Pearce.  And things are set to be reversed, here in Arizona, as it was in Prince William County, Virgina, in 2007.  Your ratio means nothing when many more thousands will come out to vote than what enabled SB1070 or the election of Pearce.  Since the last election, Pearce has been responsible for a law that has literally brought Arizona’s economic house down to its knees, and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce agrees.  Pearce has been slammed while trying to pass additional anti-immigrant legislation, and has been uncovered to have taken unauthorized gifts without reporting.  The guy is scum.  The guy is corrupt.
      Nice try with the stats, though.
      Why is it that you teabagger types are so afraid of change?  Why is it that you teabagger types get behind politicos who need scapegoat to blame all problems upon?  Why defend scum?
      Change or die, Frasey.  Change or die.


    • Pamela Powers
      April 18, 2011

      Yes, he ran for US Senate against Glassman and several others. I don’t know the order beyond Glassman, then Eden…


      • Carolyn Classen
        April 18, 2011

        From 8/24/10 primary results (Sec. of State website):
        Rodney Glassman 100,307
        Cathy Eden 76,487
        John Dougherty 68, 589
        Randy Parraz 44, 435


  2. diogenese
    April 18, 2011

    Why don’t these Hispanic?Latino whiners just go back to Mexico or wherever, if they don’t like the way we do things in Arizona and the U.S. All they can do is demand and complain. Bravo for Pearce, Brewer and Arpaio.  I should also include Tom Horne and Sheriff Babeu.  Brave and courageous people. We need more like them.


    • The Lou Show
      April 22, 2011

      What an idiot you are, diogenese.
      I don’t like what’s been happening here . . . and I was born in America.  Where do you suggest I go back to?
      What a regressive, reactionary, knuckle dragger you are, Man!


  3. Fraser007
    April 18, 2011

    I am not a “teabagger”. Shocking isnt it. Change or die. ………Whatever that means. I would rather die than be like Parraz/Grivalja or any progressive that even resembles you.


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