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Would Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan increase the medical bankruptcy rate? It could happen.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s extreme cost-cutting budget passed the US House of Representatives last Friday on a straight party line vote– all Republicans voting for it, all Democrats against it.

Although there are many parts of Ryan’s plan that I disagree with, the worst part is his scheme to change Medicare into a voucher system for anyone currently under 55 years of age.

We already have a medical bankruptcy problem in the US. (Check out the research or Sicko if you doubt this.) Ryan’s plan could plunge thousands more into bankruptcy. Check out this article from The American Journal of Medicine blog.

Ryan’s Medicare overhaul: Would it increase the rate of medical bankruptcy?

3 comments on “Would Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan increase the medical bankruptcy rate? It could happen.

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  2. Jim B
    April 18, 2011

    Touch Medicare and Social Security and the Republicans die on the vine in 2012!
    I would rather vote for Obama.


    • jd
      April 18, 2011

      Lets see…  Here is a system where I pay into Social Security every paycheck and when I hit a certain age, I am supposed to get back everything I ever put into it.  Right?

      Now the gov’t comes out and tells me Social Security is going broke.  Hmm..  How could this system be going broke if I am only supposed to be getting out of it what I put into it?  Surely the interest alone would should be adding to the system…..

      Wait, you mean the gov’t already touches Social Security and ROBS MONEY out of the system to use for other things?  Say it aint so Joe?  Social Security is a farce.


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