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AZ Star chides MAS supporters and TUSD board

Hey– the Arizona Daily Star’s editorial writers followed my lead

All sides have a lot to answer for after the TUSD Governing Board meeting Tuesday night. The board mishandled the meeting and the pro-ethnic-studies protesters resorted to vindictive personal attacks.

To read their entire editorial, click here.

I totally agree with the Star. The next time the TUSD Board hears testimony regarding Ethnic Studies, everyone’s opinion should be heard– not just those who shout the loudest.

5 comments on “AZ Star chides MAS supporters and TUSD board

  1. Three Sonorans
    May 5, 2011

    Two questions:

    Shouldn’t this only be an issue only AFTER Stegeman can provide evidence of the state standards that Mexican-American history does not comply? This is the only reason one should strip a class of the credit it gives. It’s not fair to say that MAS satisfies all the state social science requirements, but gets demoted.
    Will you advocate and pressure your friend Mark Stegeman to have this exact same discussion and scrutiny for European History, which also satisfies the American history credit? Would that be fair, and shouldn’t we discuss why European history is more “American” than Mexican-AMERICAN history?



    • cruz
      May 12, 2011

      Morales you just don’t get it – children are not born with hatred they are taught it – my 10 year old had slumber party the other night and two of girls were white, one Hispanic and the other African American and don’t think any of them cared what color skin each of them were – the following day the parents all got together and we had a blast. David you are doing nothing but dividing this great nation – I understand that 150 years ago the Mexicans, the Blacks, the Native Americans were treated badly but that was 150 years ago get over it, if you feel oppressed it’s own problem.


    • cruz
      May 12, 2011

      you really need to lose that huge chip you have on your shoulder.


  2. Joey
    May 5, 2011

    “and shouldn’t we discuss why European history is more “American” than Mexican-AMERICAN history”
    Its where a majority of Americans came from, legally, as opposed to Mexican history, which is basically America beating the Mexicans and taking Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and Mexico becoming a lawless dirty place where children are kidnapped and drug cartels rule the streets. This is all taught in US History, maybe if you learned about the country you LIVE IN NOW, you be more educated on the COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM AND WHY YOU LEFT IT.


  3. chuck freitas
    May 5, 2011

    Hey, 3S—you have not mentioned the pix of Che Guevara on the wall of the MAS classroom, nor the entreaties to have students object/’revolt’ against the school rules/ regs. as promoted by their instructors.


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