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Former Mexican American Studies teacher and whistle blower John Ward files defamation suit

From the Arizona Daily Star

A former TUSD teacher and opponent of Mexican-American Studies has filed a defamation lawsuit against the district and two of its employees.

The lawsuit, filed by John Ward on Monday, names the Tucson Unified School District along with Mexican-American Studies Director Sean Arce and Jose Gonzalez, a curriculum specialist.

Ward is seeking damages for harm to his reputation and for mental pain and suffering; compensatory and punitive damages; and other relief as the court deems proper.
He alleges that defamatory statements by Arce and Gonzalez have damaged his reputation as an educator.

The lawsuit stems from statements made late last year in which Arce and Gonzalez reportedly said that Ward was removed from a Mexican-American Studies classroom because he had used profanity and was slamming books in front of students – statements that Ward says are false.

Ward argues that while employed at TUSD, he was recognized as an outstanding teacher. But conflict arose when he began voicing opposition to instruction in his U.S. history class that was to be taught from the Mexican-American perspective.

He felt that rather than teaching American history, the students were being taught a politicized view of the mistreatment of Hispanics, the suit states.

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I find it highly ironic that this story appear in the Star on the same day I posted this story about stopping the smear spin and reporting the news accurately.
In Mexican American Studies debate, Tucsonans need less spin and more truth

4 comments on “Former Mexican American Studies teacher and whistle blower John Ward files defamation suit

  1. Pamela Powers
    May 13, 2011

    For some fun reading, check out the dozens of comments on this story in the Star.


    • Vato Loco
      May 13, 2011

      I bet you loved all those hateful, conservative comments, didn’t you Pam?  Fun reading…   I bet it made your day…  Did the comments augment your understanding of the MAS program?   Please stop impersonating a progressive and change your blog to Tucson Conservative…  It would be congruent with the articles you write or share…  paz y reflecciones


      • Vato Loco
        May 13, 2011

        Took you up on your suggestion Pam and checked out the comment section for some “fun” reading…  I was hoping i would have to apologize to you Pam, as the comments would be indeed “fair and balanced” with a hint of humor… It seems no apology will be necessary as this is but two of the comments which captures the conservative tone of 62 of the 63 comments… I guess they would be fun if your name was Tom Horne, or Jan Brewer, possibly Russell Pearce…”Good for you Mr. Ward, expose this racist, seditionist program for what it is. I hope you win this case and receive enough money to make your retirement pleasurable. Honest teachers shouldn’t have to endure what this bunch of racist malcontents have put you through.”or”hope he wins! Let’s take AMERICA back!” Shame on you Pam… progressive? I think not…  paz y reflecciones


    • TheRebel
      May 14, 2011

      Good to hear a voice of reason!
      Go Pam


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