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Interesting reading: Healthcare reform to toll roads to wing-nuts

People send me links to interesting articles all the time– hoping I will write about the issues– but I have a life beyond the TucsonCitizen.com and can’t write about everything. Here are several interesting stories you also may find worth reading.

On the topic of Republicans…

Republicans Plan To Pay Off The Deficit By Literally Selling America
Are more toll roads in our future? How else can Republicans pay for further tax cuts for the rich?

Freedom From Regulation?
New UA Freedom Center funded by Koch brothers. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

Fiesta Bowl Scandal Update: The Navy Sinks ‘King’ Russell Pearce
Can scandal and the recall bring down Russell Pearce? Let’s hope so!

On the topic of ending the wars…

We Got Osama bin Laden – Now Let’s Get Out of Afghanistan
Congressman Raul Grijalva says, “Bring the boys home.” I couldn’t agree more.

On the topic of Latino voting…

Digging into Latino voter trends
The Latino voting rate is 18% below that of the Anglo population.

National Tequila Party Tour Will Kick Off in Arizona
Tequila Party encourages Latinos to vote.

On the topic of healthcare…

Why healthcare costs so much in the U.S.
Myths and facts about the US healthcare non-system– nice graphics!

The myth of undocumented immigrants using American health care
Dr. Keven debunks a popular myth.

Birth Control And Sexual Attraction – The Wall Street Journal’s Breathtakingly Bad Reporting
Better Health blog slams the Wall Street Journal for sexist reporting. (WSJ sexist? Imagine that.)

And on the topic of TUSD…

Comprehensive Annual Audit Report for the year ending June 2010
Very long budget report for last fiscal year– good reading if you’re in insomniac.

TUSD’s Desegregation Funding Summary FY10-11
This is hard to read but still interesting. You can see salaries, program funding, and school funding. It’s difficult to parse out specifics because some categories are so vague.

TUSD’s Ethnic Studies Audit: Institute for Transformative Education
Tucson Independent Daily examines the TUSD Board report from May 3, 2011. This gives the budget for the Mexican American Studies’ summer institute and a bit about the speakers. It seems to me that the budget is incomplete, since it primarily focus on speaker fees and stipends for attendees and doesn’t include other standard conference costs (room fees, audio-visual, travel expenses, etc.) but who knows. I’m surprised the Star didn’t cover this. Yes, some consider this a right-wing blog, but I have not seen this material covered anywhere else.

Loretta Hunnicutt on Glenn Beck
OK– a little spooky– but you have to see what the right is saying in order to organize against them. If you bury your head in the sand and try to ignore them, they’ll kick you in the ass.

One comment on “Interesting reading: Healthcare reform to toll roads to wing-nuts

  1. sharon
    May 17, 2011

    Note that the first keynote speaker listed under past MAS summer institutes is Peter McLaren, a UCLA professor who also teaches a Friere-inspired curriculum. He, however, is very up front on his faculty page that this pedagogy is explicitly Marxist, and is opposed to both “liberal democracy” and “private property”, along with the other usual buzzwords. Here’s his UCLA page:

    “Marxist transformative education theory is highlighted at the summer conference. Socialist/Marxist transformative policy for schooling and education including Freirean perspectives is offered to educators in TUSD.”


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