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Flor de Muertos: A ‘must see’ for All Souls Procession and Calexico aficionados

Calexico concert at the Rialto Theater after the 2009 All Souls Procession. (Photo Credit: Pamela Powers)

Flor de Muertos, a locally produced and filmed documentary about life and death on the Arizona-Mexico border, premiered last night at the Rialto Theater. More than 100 people attended the screening– including would-be mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

Flor de Muertos is a beautifully filmed work of art with high-key daylight scenes from Tucson and Nogales, Sonora cemeteries decorated for the Day of the Dead and eerie night scenes of the 2009 All Souls Processions in Tucson and Nogales. These images of homage for the dead are juxtaposed with the gritty reality of  life and death along the Arizona-Mexico border. Interviews with local border journalists Charles Bowden and Margaret Regan and music by Calexico tie the film together.

This film is a “must see” for all Tucsonans who take pride in the cultural significance and unique flavor of the All Souls Procession and enjoy the creativity of our most-famous hometown band, Calexico. For me, it was a trip down memory lane, since we participated in the 2009 procession and attended the post-procession Calexico concert at the Rialto, which was featured prominently in Flor.

Prior to the Friday evening screening, musician and artist Salvador Duran entertained movie-goers on the Rialto’s new patio. (Watch out, Hotel Congress and Maynard’s, there’s a new patio venue for those of us who enjoy the night air while sipping adult beverages and listening to live music. We loved the street scene, the moderately priced drinks, and the vintage Latin music on the patio after the film.)

There are three more screenings of Flor this weekend; Saturday night’s event includes live music. A percentage of the proceeds from Flor will go to Many Mouths, One Stomach (organizers of the All Souls Procession), the Rialto Theater Foundation, and the Loft Cinema. Click here for the movie trailer.

Additional Flor de Muertos screenings this weekend:
Saturday, July 23
Doors open at 2 pm
Matinee screening at 2:30 pm
Tickets are $6, $3 children under 12

Doors open at 7 pm
Patio open at 5 pm with food available from Martin’s Comida Chingona
Screening at 8 pm
Tickets are $15
Special concert following the screening by special guests
Patio after-party from 11-1 with DJS

Sunday, July 24
Doors at 2 pm
Matinee screening at 2:30 pm
Tickets $6, $3 children under 12


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