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The Glow: Experience art by the full moon (video)

Experience art up close and person at The Glow. (Photo Credit: Pamela Powers)

The Glow, an annual lighted art walk and musical extravaganza, is this weekend, September 9-10 at the Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, Arizona.

If you have never been to The Glow, take a drive up Oracle Road this weekend for this unique, family-friendly community event.

The Glow is the brainchild of artist and Triangle L owner Sharon Holnback, who has been hosting and perfecting the event for several years.

The Glow is a little different each year, but it’s always an experience. But don’t believe me. Check out the video below with photos from past Glows (2007-10).  The Glow website also has a gallery (scroll down) and particulars about this year’s event, including a schedule of bands and other performers, as well as a list of participating artists.

The fun starts at 7 p.m. There is food at the event, but there are also several great restaurants along the route. (Watch out for the speed traps and Oro Valley cops, also along the route. The speed limit changes at least 5 times between Ina Road and the Triangle L.)


6 comments on “The Glow: Experience art by the full moon (video)

  1. Carolyn Classen
    September 9, 2011

    Wow, never heard of this artist/musician event in Oracle.  Was wondering about ticket costs and the info was on the website: $10 adults, $5 under 18 with guardian, under 3 free. Thanks for the info Pam.


    • DA Morales
      September 9, 2011

      I’ve heard great things about The Glow.


      • Pamela Powers
        September 9, 2011

        The Glow is awesome. Sharon is always tweaking the mix of art, music, and performance, so each year is a little different. I have been going every year since 2004– the year the full moon was on my birthday and the year I got laid off. We partied the night away, dancing to Kid Squid; it helped me forget that I was broke.


  2. Pamela Powers
    September 9, 2011

    It’s a fun event, Carolyn. You guys should go.

    My artwork also will be there– in the Barn Gallery and the gift shop. We plan to go up early (to make sure my artwork lights up properly), go to the Oracle Inn for dinner (good food, cheap drinks), and then back to the Glow for the music and people watching.


  3. leftfield
    September 9, 2011

    I was out of town last year, but went the year before.  It was well worth the trip.  I hope the weather cooperates.


  4. pamela
    September 9, 2011

    Rained earlier in Oracle but dry now.


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