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‘Under Arpaio’ to air at Salt of the Earth Labor College on Saturday (video)

Salt of the Earth Labor College will present Under Arpaio, a film by Jason Michael Aragon and co-producer Mary Charlotte Thurtle of Tucson’s Pan Left Productions on Saturday, September 10, at 2 p.m.

Under Arpaio is the story of people abused in Arpaio’s Maricopa County jails, harassed in their neighborhoods, and racially profiled. The documentary also details the culture of corruption within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, now under federal investigation. Most importantly, it features the grass roots movement that is fighting back against this new Arizona style fascism.

Following the movie, there will be a discussion with the producer. Here’s the movie trailer.

Salt of the Earth Labor College, located at 1903 E. Irene Vista in Tucson, sponsors free weekly classes on Saturdays. Here is the Fall 2011 schedule.

3 comments on “‘Under Arpaio’ to air at Salt of the Earth Labor College on Saturday (video)

  1. RH
    September 10, 2011

    Sheriff Arpaio reminds of me of the late famous right winger J Edgar Hoover the famous FBI man, who in public seems to have been the tough guy, but behind closed doors liked to wear womens clothing, a cross dressing tough guy! One has to wonder about Arpaio, two of his high ranking commanders forced out of jobs for “internet romance”, both male, his second in command out of position for fraud, scandals seem to come out as a high ranking official slowly comes to end of his career as “Americas toughest Sheriff”, he might have a future running a show like Jerry Springer show!:-) One has to wonder is his love seeing men in pink undies a secret “Marquis De Sade” thing or something deeper in the psycho sexual deviance nature? One can rest assured, sadism tends to show its ugly head when one finds humor, enjoyment in humiliation of other human beings in pink undies, tent cities in 100 degree plus and freezing temps, feeding inmates green bologna sandwiches, denying adequate medical care, all tending to cause what? Rehabilitation or satsifying something in those who enjoy such treatment of their fellow man disquised as corrections, justice? Of course the costs in lost civil suits $44 million, $100 million spent to antaganize/investigate his political opponets, untold millions in pending civil suits is his pledge to Maricopa county he is a fiscal conservative saving his constiuents money! I am not a accountant but seems to me thats a pretty penny to satisfy a sadist and his fan club of fellow sadists! Guess the old saying of “birds of a feather do tend to flock together”, anyone who follows Arpaio with gusto and love is only showing their true natures!


  2. RH
    September 10, 2011

    Historians will likely one day write about Arpaio and his “Marquis De Sade” tactics in law enforcement, his corruption and abuse of powers much as they did another tough guy sherrif in history, ole Alabama Sheriff “Bull Conners”! He too was a  icon of his era, loved, worshipped by his fans, followers, his tactics of beating, turning attack dogs onto blacks was legendary! He is not remembered for any greatness, honors but disgrace, so shall ole Arpaio one day fall into the same category, one does have to believe we are basically a nation of good people who sadly from time to time allow either through laziness or ignorance allow sadists among us to rise to power, but in the end the good among us will reject the sick minded among us! One cannot eliminate evil, sin from the world, that is a job and task on god and his son jesus will accomplish, one can rest assured the Arpaio’s & Bull Conners and their followers of the world will all reap one day a eternity in a place they will have all eternity to enjoy that which they spent their entire earthly lives trying to accomplish, to be amongst their own kind! 


  3. coyote
    September 10, 2011

    Criminals are Criminials and deserve NOTHING MORE then they get, punishment for their crime.
    Keep up the good work Arpaio. A lot of LEGAL and LOYAL CITIZENS are behind you.
    We will stand behind you with our PITCHFORKS


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