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New Priorities Network asks: What are your priorities?

The New Priorities Network, Tucson Chapter is meeting on Wednesday, September 28. Here is the meeting information.

What are your priorities?
War and militarism, or education, healthcare, and social programs?

It’s time to act!

Join us
Wednesday 12:00 NOON to 1 pm
Sandino Center,
1050 S. Verdugo Ave (directions below)

New Priorities Network nationally was founded to promote the building of local cross movement coalitions between the peace movement and groups that support education, healthcare and social services in order to strengthen both the voice in opposition to the wars and military spending and the voice in favor of spending on our community needs.

In Tucson, we have now had several meetings, have created some good materials including an excellent narrated slide show, and have met with some public officials and groups to
build support for a city council resolution on cutting military spending to fund our community needs. But, we still represent mostly the Tucson peace community. We want out of Wednesday’s meeting with a plan of action to seriously engage other sectors of our community in the discussion about the need for new priorities in government spending.

Please come or send someone to represent your group. Let’s figure out together how New Priorities can build the work of your organization and how we can help build the work of other movements to maximize the impact of progressive voices in Tucson, Arizona, and the US.

The Sandino Center is @ 1050 S. Verdugo Ave.
Traveling South from Congress on the I-10 frontage Road (it’s called Freeway), turn right on 19th St. (at the foot of the Motel 6 sign). Go two blocks and turn left on Verdugo. Sandino Center is the last house on the right.

If you can’t attend this meeting, check out NPN’s goals from their website.

2 comments on “New Priorities Network asks: What are your priorities?

    September 28, 2011

    Priority #1
    Figure how to bundle all retirement savings into junk silver and get it across the border to South America.


    September 28, 2011

    Priority #2

    Figure out why  “An ex-Google exec implored Obama to raise his taxes. The president responded, “I appreciate the fact that you recognize that we’re in this thing together. We’re not our own. Those of us who have been successful have always got to remember that.”
    You see that Obama equates public-spiritedness with higher taxes. The Google man could do all sorts of wonderful things with his money — things both charitable and entrepreneurial. And the entrepreneurial uses could well increase revenue to the government.
    But Democrats, in my experience, seldom think this way. It is an enormous, baffling blind spot.”


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