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‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest continues: In case you haven’t heard (video)

Now in its 11 day, 1000s of protesters continue to occupy Wall Street to protest the corporate greed that is running our country into the ground. Understandably, since most media is run by corporations, there has been a news blackout about our “Arab Spring”. This is not unlike the media blackout surrounding the early pro-union protests in Wisconsin and sympathy rallies in 66 cities across the US.

Here are some links from the Huffington Post. Their bloggers have been covering the Occupy Wall Street story, although it has been absent from the Huff Po front page– until yesterday when there was a small thumbnail story (probably due to the 14,000+ facebook Likes and the 7,700+ facebook Shares).

Occupy Wall Street Protest Escalates On Eighth Day (VIDEO)

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Dig In As Tensions Rise With NYPD (PHOTOS)

Here is today’s story from The Nation, who rightly points out dismal coverage of Occupy Wall Street by the New York Times.

Correcting the Abysmal ‘New York Times’ Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street website has Live Streaming Video.

The photos and videos on these links are dramatic. It kinda makes ya wonder why we are hearing all of this yammering by the right about class warfare– against the rich– because we want to eliminate their Bush II tax cuts, which hearing no news related to Wall Street’s war on the rest of us.

I hope you can view the video that I linked to above. I had to sign in to You Tube to see it because You Tube said it may be “inappropriate”. (I thought that You Tube labeling anything inappropriate was a real lark. Come on, isn’t “inappropriateness” part of You Tube’s charm?)

Hmmmm… anyway, I didn’t see anything inappropriate in the video– unless you call NY police arresting people holding American flags and chanting “We are the 99%” (referring to the 99% of Americans who are not rich) inappropriate. (You can also check out other videos by the same videographer here.)

3 comments on “‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest continues: In case you haven’t heard (video)

  1. leftfield
    September 27, 2011

    They are indeed there “to protect and to serve”; they’re just not there to protect and serve you.


  2. Smash
    September 27, 2011

    Check out this New York Times article found on their front page: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/28/world/as-scorn-for-vote-grows-protests-surge-around-globe.html


  3. Marusik
    September 28, 2011

    It’s time to tear down Wall Street Tyrannic  and Plutocratic Regime…


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