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Border Patrol orders removal of shrine… again

Back in July, I reported that the Border Patrol ordered removal of a shrine in memory of 19-year-old, US citizen Carlos Lamadrid, who was shot by the Border Patrol in March 2011.

Yes, Carlos was running marijuana along the border, but he was a US citizen and a human being. He didn’t deserve to die. The Border Patrol wants us to forget they killed him. Here’s a link to the latest story in the Arizona Daily Star. Note Carlos’ family is suing the US government for wrongful death.

5 comments on “Border Patrol orders removal of shrine… again

  1. R
    October 4, 2011


    Interesting coverup by A&E & police reality show in murder of a child in a cop show, guess this is what comes of modern day reality cop shows inevitable it had to happen today! 


  2. Entropy
    October 4, 2011

    I thought the reason it needed to be taken down was that the fence was going to be remodeled. Once the new wall is up, couldn’t they just put the shrine back?


    • Pamela Powers
      October 5, 2011

      Yes, that is the official reason why they want to take the shrine down: They want to replace a section of the fence. I don’t buy that. As the pro-border-fence bloggers on the Citizen have pointed out, there are large stretches of the border with no fence. If you’re going to spend money on construction, why not build fencing where there is none? The fence in the video looks pretty sturdy to me.

      I think they’re afraid of what would happen if all family members who lost loved ones on the border decided to set up a shrine. The shrines would line the wall on both sides. Think about it.


      • Entropy
        October 5, 2011

        I’m all for the shrine (and 1st amendment rights), but I don’t buy that fact that they are just looking for an excuse to tear down the shrine. A section of fence is EXPENSIVE. I don’t think they are really going to throw 10grand, 100grand, 1million dollars to cook up an idea like rebuilding that section of fence just to get rid of the shrine. I agree it is money ill-spent, but if they are gong to rebuild it, let them, and then put the shrine back. They certainly aren’t going to “Rebuild” an expensive fence every 6 months just hassle the family to get rid of the shrine.


    • songlady
      October 5, 2011

      Just my thoughts, I would like to see the shrine stay there.  If it’s really necessary take it down only while actual fence construction is being done but then put it back.  I feel bad that Carlos was killed and we didn’t have to know him to wish he was still with his family and friends.  That shrine comforts all who did know and love him so it should be there.  There is no reason a shrine should offend anyone, they’re beautiful and helpful.      


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