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Occupy Tucson family and friends campout tonight (Oct. 28)

Occupy Tucson (Image Credit: Pamela Powers)

The Occupy Tucson organizers are holding a Family and Friends campout tonight, October 28 at Armory Park. The event begins at 5 p.m. and lasts through the pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.

Of course, if you want to stay longer, you can. Saturday, October 30 marks Occupy Tucson’s 2 week anniversary at Armory Park.

Here are the details from their facebook page.

Friends & Supporters! Tomorrow [actually today] is the Occupy Tucson Friends & Family Campout! We’ll have fun activities for the kids, pizza & salad for dinner and a pancake breakfast. Bring your tent & sleeping bags! Peaceful & gentle strategies to avoid police citation are available to everyone.

More info:

Healthy child-friendly dinner, sign making tent, fun democracy teach-in, movie & popcorn, family singalong, interfaith goodnight gathering, awake-past-bedtime pajama protest, pancake breakfast.

Bring your tent and sleeping bags.

Stay for dinner, stay overnight, or drop in for breakfast.

*peaceful strategies to avoid police citation are available to everyone.


To show your kids what democracy looks like.
To show the world what Tucson looks like.
To participate.
To great a break from making dinner.
To take pictures of your kids dancing on the sidewalk in their jammies at 11pm!
To expand your hearts.
To change the world.

…and to eat pancakes.

18 comments on “Occupy Tucson family and friends campout tonight (Oct. 28)

  1. cfeco
    October 28, 2011

    “Democracy”= Mob Rule, the USA is a Representative Republic…Thank Goodness!

    October 28, 2011

    Here’s an idea for our gutless city administration….Accidentally set off the sprinklers systems.

  3. George W
    October 28, 2011

    In the 1960’s one saw real grass roots movements, not this fake GOP financed tea party “organization”, the tea party was and is the brain child of a GOP operative named Dick Armey, he got his financing from two billionaire brothers named Koch, its no mere coincidence that Herman Cain’s campaign manager is a Koch brothers financed stooge, one can track the tea party/tea publicans….republicans to the 1%, the middle class/poor are the folks who tend to be 2 pay/dividend/pension/annuity checks away from poverty, homelessness……the 1% hire goons, stooges out of our 99%, one always has folks willing to sell their souls for a dollar…..there is a reason the old bible says root of all evil is love of money, money in and of itself is not evil, but the love of it and the terrible things some will do to gain it is evil! There is a reason the bible says for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven will be as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle, its a impossible task, there is a reason the rich man went away sad when he asked to follow jesus and jesus told him to go home and give away all his wealth/riches to the poor, he loved his riches/wealth more than he desired to follow jesus! Mankind cannot serve two masters, either one serves god or satan, and satan will lure with greed, avarice, lust, every imaginable evil known to mankind! Is it not funny/ironic the party which lays claim to moralistic superiority, christian compassion, swears god is with them is the party who denigrates the poor, says they are lazy, shiftless deserving of their poverty, says the unemployed are lazy, shiftless deserving of their unemployment, thinks the sick ought to be let to die if they have no health insurance, think the elderly are shiftless, lazy for getting old, worn out after decades of working, ought to be not allowed to retire just up their retirement age hope they die and they never have to be bothered with them! Yes we live in a representative republic which has a constitutional guarantee to its citizens to allow them to demonstrate, protest, and express our freedoms of speech, grievances to our elected government! It must really anger the right wingers that the 99% cannot be suppressed or bought off as easily as their minions them paper rich wanna-be one percenter’s dreaming of hitting the 1% lottery!:-)

  4. George W
    October 28, 2011

    Grass roots movments cannot afford the $10,000 fee’s the tea partiers paid for their little colonial holloween events! If one has billionaire’s/millionaires financing ones activities, organizing the busing in of their hired hooligans to town hall meetings it might appear to be a grass roots movement on the surface but the good thing about economic woe which america is experiencing, it often wakes up the sleeping giant which is america’s silent majority, them folks who tend to go to work every day, pay their bills, let the world go on, but when enough of these folks are unalbe to find work, unable to pay their bills, debts beware of the sleeping silent majority……99% beats 1% every day of the week, if one could ask ole Queen Marie Antoinette if she regreted telling her subjects to eat cake as they starved and they reacted by putting her and the king and their minions on the gullitine, she might have a bit of advice for the 1% and their hired stooges!:-)

  5. George W
    October 28, 2011

    In america today 22% of the electorate identify as republican….which means 78% do not! Now I know for you fiscal right wing geniuses its a bit hard to digest but 78% is the real majority in america, not your pitiful 22%! Of that 22% most are paper rich wanna-be 1 percenters in debt to their proverbial necks, drowning in it in fact!:-) One can only whip a dog so long and then it turns mean…down right mean!:-)

      October 28, 2011

      Uh, yeah, ok,  that is what monkey socks full of junk silver and Panama are for….

      If you think anyone is going to hang around when these useful idiots discover  milk does not just magically appear in quart containers at the  7-11, more or less government checks you are really dreaming. 

      • leftfield
        October 29, 2011

        Mr. Greece, you might just cast your eyes over to the left of the screen and take a look a Ms Power’s credentials.  After reading it, tell me if she strikes you as representative of the aspersions you and other reactionaries are casting towards Occupy movement supporters?  Perhaps you will either have to change your mind, or start accusing the 99% of being “elitist”.  Then you could spend your time not understanding the irony of accusing the 99% of being “elitist”.   Your choice.

    October 28, 2011

    Why Camp out?
    To show your kids how to wipe their noses on any law or conventions they don’t like
    To meet all the insane hobos who will show you what REAL anarchy results in 

    • 99%
      October 28, 2011

      In fact, once  the Continental Congress in 1776 voted for independency from Great Britian the American Continental Congress became an illegal demonstration in the eyes of the English”establishment” .  The 99% movement is even more representative of the wishes of the majority of Americans to be represented fairly.   Once again the majority of Americans are being misrepresented by the politicians who are in the pockets of the  corporate elite.

    • tunkashila
      October 29, 2011

      Actually, its camping out to restore the rule of law and arrest the bankers and politicians who wiped their nose with it.

  7. pamela
    October 28, 2011

    Things are pretty quiet this evening at Occupy Tucson. Took lots of photos earlier. General Assembly was mercifully short.

    • Carolyn Classen
      October 28, 2011

      Good to see you & fiance Jim there tonight.  Keep us posted.  We were surprised to see how organized the Occupation continues to be, from speaking with Dave Croteau and Alex Maldonado.

  8. George W
    October 29, 2011

    Just like Greece….if your so unhappy with america…why wait for the apocalypse move to Paraquay now? My guess is your a typical right winger who talks a good game but is short on substance, I seem to remember your hero/icon Rush Limbaugh threatening to move to Costa Rica if health care bill was passed, anyone taking odds he is a blow hard talking a lot but will do nothing but look for his next oxycontin fix?:-) Make sure you take all that mythical silver with you, since no two percenter’s troll the net, just us middle class/poor folks and them sad sack two percenter wanna-be’s who are merely paper rich, got a huge mortgage either upside down or right side up, makes little difference miss them payments and see how much the lender cares which political party or how conservative you claim to be, that eviction notice will come just the same, or try and tell that repo man when he comes for that shiny auto in your drive way I am a republican conservative and see if he lets you keep it when you have not paid them payments on time!:-) Real rich 2% folks don’t have to tell anyone they are rich, its obvious to anyone who see’s them since they don’t troll here with us average folks, the fact your here proves you at best middle class and at worst a angry sad sack poor person dreaming of hitting that 2% lottery!:-)

      October 29, 2011

      George, Daddy taught us that any idiot can spend money..Just like you can give people money and not make them wealthy- (That means- In mind or spirit).

      Self determination and looking to others instead of yourself is a mistake, and keeping off the dole is the height of true citizenship and “patriotism” Usually only the mentally challenged or children do this, because of the consequences involved. 

      I write here ONLY because the choir gets so boring and mechanical- One hand clapping…Besides I like that trust baby 1%er 3 Snorans to cut my comments- Soviet style as reprehensible as that is to censorship.   

  9. George W
    October 29, 2011

    During the 1960’s the anti-war movement, anti-segregation movement all got accused of being communist’s sympathizers, we see that same propaganda spin at fox & friends, its no doubt terrifying to them to see angry crowds in the streets not wearing them cute colonial holloween outfits, calling themselves tea partier’s, since the reality of the situation is one can trace the tea party to GOP Operative Dick Armey…..then to his money men the billionaire Koch brothers the GOP has their finger prints all over it, as proof, who did the junior elected tea party congressmen caucus with in Washington DC? One guess the GOP, who do they denigrate 24/7….? One guess the Democrat’s! Now I am no rocket scientist, got no college degree’s, but takes none to see who these tea partier’s are merely them paper rich 2% wanna-be’s, whom the real 2% hired to do their dirty work, hired hooligans will never equate to a grass roots movement, don’t pay them, give them their pay/benefits they fade away, fizzle! Real grass roots movements don’t have a single leader, single ideology as the tea party does, one cannot tell a difference from the tea party ideology and the GOP platform, its two peas in one pod!

  10. George W
    October 29, 2011

    Anyone but me notice the confusion at fox & friends, sending out their anchor’s trying to interview and spin the 99% movement as some democratic party movement but failing at every turn, since they not only get heckled and booed but cannot find this mythical connection, a unemployed person, a college student who cannot find a job does not fit neatly into their spin masters games! Them folks with under water/upside down mortgages, fear of being jobless and ending up with inability to pay a mortgage thats right side up are the middle class/poor of america, the 98%/99% take your pick, some expert’s say 98% of all americans are a mere 2 pay/dividend/annuity/pension checks away from poverty/homelessness, not all rich are right wing, to hear the right wing bloggers talk only the right wing/republicans are rich, if this was true its fairly easy to prove it a lie, if anyone thinks that rich lady Pelosi or Kerry are republicans one is truly delusional! The idea all rich folks are right wingers/conservatives is a myth being peddled by the right wing snake oil peddlers, who think everyone is truly dumb to know that rich knows no political party, no religious denomination, race, culture one can find rich folks in all walks of life, the difference between the right wing rich folks is they have no shame, no guilt, they are like the biblical warning of love of money is root of all evil and for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven is as hard as a camel to go through the eye of a needle, now the rich who don’t neatly fall into the right wing category don’t get off easy, they are much more like the parable of the rich man who came to jesus wanting to follow him but when he told them they had to go home give away all their wealth/riches to the poor, he went away sad unable to do so, since he loved his wealth/riches more than his desire to follow jesus, my view is the right wing rich have no guilt, no shame fit the blind biblical goats to a tee, the left wing rich have shame/guilt but cannot let go of that wealth/riches either, so the 2% who are the richest in america are to be pitied, for them to enter the kindom of heaven they face a terrble choice us common folks us middle class/poor don’t face we have no barrier of wealth/riches between us and god, not to say we don’t have barriers sin is a equal opportunity master, greed, avarice, lust etc, thats why we have these 2% wanna-be’s willing to do anything for the 2% in their dream of one day being in that 2%! One see’s them trolling the net, acting as if they are not in the 98% of us, but takes no rocket scientist or fancy college degree to know real rich folks don’t slum with us here in the real world where mortgages, auto loans, paying for groceries, gas, lifes necessities are issues no the rich don’t have these issues!

      October 30, 2011

      George…Still with the big media catch phrase 99% Vs. 1% and still verbose- Well Daddy says that’s why God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth- To listen twice as much as talk- But not from members of Bedlam, all the same.
      The “size of your replies” must be why God gave 10 fingers, then.

      As far as “1 per centers” You are right- “Normal” 1% would not bother strumming sticks across the primate cages, but what can I tell you? I just love to see the swinging commence between bars with the associated howling. And I really do have to knock this stuff off- Cruel to tease folks…I’ll stand over in the soap isle at Frys and never see another fleabagger.  

      It’s true that the survivalists will point to Rome and 50% keeping the other 50% amused and fed, until THEY got tired of cutting that row THEMSELVES….Now like you say- You want to see a real organized Hell come down? You had better see to not pissing off the taxpayer too much with this show at 2/4 and 10.   

  11. terese dudas
    October 29, 2011

    Ah George, it ain’t working; Jesus would be appalled at what’s unfolding across the U.S.
    I’ve been disconnected from Fox (Faux & all cable tv) for more than a month just to test the waters of my sanity, and I can see clearly now that the country is coming undone mostly by liberal drivers of lies and distortions.  I am the 53%, and heartsick for my country.  I am thankful I have no grandchildren to worry about, but realize that my sons must go elsewhere to carve a life for themselves.  That will leave me alone and heartsick on the curb of the future world.

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