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March 1 Day of Action: Will Arizona unions rise up?

The Arizona AFL-CIO has organized a Day of Action for March 1. Four bus-loads of union members and supporters are descending upon the state capitol in Phoenix on Thursday.

But will this Thursday be Arizona’s “Wisconsin moment” or will union members politely wander the halls of the Legislature and ask the wingnuts  legislators to play nice?

Annually, the AFL-CIO has a lobby day when unionists meet with lawmakers, but this year’s lobby day will have a twist– thanks to six anti-worker bills winding their way through the Arizona Legislature. After the four bus-loads of unionists go the capitol and say to people like Senator Frank Antenori (who wants to be our Congressman), “WTF?”, they will have a rally at 1 p.m. on the Arizona State Capitol, House Lawn, 1700 W. Washington St.

From Rebeka Friend, executive director of the Arizona AFL-CIO.

Corporate politicians are pushing these bills to scapegoat working families and fulfill their extreme, right-wing agenda—to the detriment of our schools and the health and safety of our communities.These bills are not about the budget and they’re not about jobs. They’re about satisfying deep-pocketed donors and right-wing organizations like the Goldwater Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council to further their political agenda to help the 1%.

For background on the status of the anti-worker bills check this link.

This is not just a union fight. This is a worker fight, since four bills attack unions, one attacks civil servants, and another attacks people who make tips and those 20 years old and under. And, let’s not forget the anti-college student bill that would require all college students– regardless of income– to pay at least $2000 of their tuition. No free rides.

This collection of abominable bills is an onslaught against all Arizonans. Be there. If you can’t be there, call and/or e-mail your state representatives or senators.

5 comments on “March 1 Day of Action: Will Arizona unions rise up?

  1. Fraser007
    February 29, 2012

    Even I am baffled by these Az Legislators! Guns on campus, $2,000 should be earned by college students? If it scares a right winger like me then it’s dangerous.


    • justlikegreece
      February 29, 2012

      I noticed on the cork board that “lunch will be served” and a stream of snacks fed to those taking the bus.
      At least they will something for those dues, after all it can’t ALL go to political slush funds.  


  2. ginny20
    March 1, 2012

    I am encouraged by the comments supporting unions in Arizona.. remember “Divided we beg, united we bargain”.  It’s time Arizona residents realize that right-to-work really means right-to-work-cheap. 


    • Becky J
      March 1, 2012

       This is exactly what it means The true phrase is ”Right to work for less than ever”


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