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Dear AZ Lege, Separation of Church & State is in the US Constitution


“Amid a discussion of the Bible and the Promised Land, the state House voted Tuesday to let Arizonans vote next year on whether they want to be able to challenge the federal government,” reported the Capitol Media Services in the Arizona Daily Star.

In Blog for Arizona, both Craig McDermott and the AZ Blue Meanie have written about the SCR1016 vote which would insert a strict constructionist passage to the Arizona Constitution, thus setting up the Legislature for future court battles with the feds (their favorite way to waste OUR money) if US government dares to do something not specifically listed in the Constitution by the founding fathers– like providing universal healthcare, food stamps, Social Security, etc. You know what they’re up to.

I would like to point out to the Lege that separation of church and state IS in the US Constitution.

What the heck are you doing discussing the “Bible and the Promised Land” while you are in session? These topics are irrelevant to the conduct of government. Period. Get back to work.

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