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Downtown for Everyone, Part 4: What Tucson Citizens Want

More than 300 Tucsonans packed the Rialto Theater to voice their opinions regarding the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center in April 2013.

More than 300 Tucsonans packed the Rialto Theater to voice their opinions regarding the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center in April 2013.

Since the local media has pretty much ignored the recent struggle over the Ronstadt Transit Center (RTC), I am publishing a series of posts with position statements by the different players in the battle. Here are links to the other positions: businessresidents, and bus riders.

On April 2, 2013, the Tucson Bus Riders Union (BRU) held a public forum to gather citizen feedback about the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center. (Watch the video here.) More than 300 people attended, several Tucsonans spoke, and a 4-inch stack of comment cards was collected. Below is a collection of the written comments, compiled and organized by the BRU. This is what the public wants…

1.  Improving Sun Tran service (longer hours, more routes, etc.)

  • I ride the bus every day it would be nice if buses ran the same hours on weekends as they do weekdays. And my kids wish a child would be cheaper than an adult.
  • More routes, more places, more frequency, more/longer hours
  • Therefore, RonstadtCenter should stay and furthermore should extend its hours of function. If you do that more people will take advantage.
  • Lower bus prices
  • Buses need to run til 3AM. It would help reduce drunk drivers.
  • We need to act like we are proud to have a bus system in this town! Our stops need shade, we need more buses so our schedule actually works for working people. We also need extended hours on the schedule.
  • Increase hours of operation. Increase safety and accessibility. Make it a place all of Tucsonans can be proud of.
  • But focus on better cheaper bus service for everyone.
  • I care more about bus fare and improved bus service (more routes, night service, etc.) than where the transit center is. What matters is having enough buses running frequently enough to serve bus riders downtown and elsewhere.
  • I only once in a while ride the bus but my grandchildren (teenagers) ride buses to their schools and job hunting. They need buses to run later and more often.
  • Give government employees free bus passes.
  • Free bus passes for city workers. Later bus runs.
  • I demand the RonstadtCenter’s perpetuation and the stagnation, if not decrease, in bus fees. Improvement at bus stops; longer hours, more routes to other areas; more buses on weekends; new green fuel source; better wages for drivers; lowered fees/free for kids.
  • Lowering fares.
  • The idea of more bus passes for city employees, university employees, etc. is a great idea.
  • Expand routes—they only come every 30 minutes many times and so working people won’t ride. Buses need to come every 10 minutes and it will increase ridership (build it and they will come).
  • More people would use public transit if it was more available—buses are great but we need express transit from east to we sides!
  • Thank you to the organizers and volunteers for creating and supporting this event. I fully support the bus riders union and any initiatives that put more resources into accessible buses and public transportation, particularly for people who are economically disadvantaged, I think the buses should be free
  • Free fares The day pass is way too much and even with the $.50 card you can’t get a day pass cheaper and the buses should run a little later.
  • Water fountains and misters at bus stops, extended routes to the outskirts of town, work on union partnerships
  • Need to extend hours on weekends, I have to walk 3 ½ hours on Sunday because the bus stops running at like 8:30PM. Reduce child fare it’s way too expensive for working families
  • I did not want the price to change.
  • More buses on weekends. Later buses servicing until midnight or later. East side transit center/west side transit center.
  • More buses downtown for the workers to help with staffing with businesses at late night. More public transport!
  • Expand hours and routes—stop road construction!! Bus use saves air only problem is waiting in heat to catch bus, more buses!
  • also ways to get more than two (2) bicycles per bus
  • We need more and better bus service—more frequency, more routes, more coverage.
  • I would really use later hours on the weekends, super important.

2a.  Keep Rondstadt Downtown …

  • Tucson needs the transit center to be where it is—downtown!
  • Yo no quiero que muevan el Ronstadt Center porque me va a quedar muy lejos que se quede como esta
  • Do not move the transit center!
  • Maintain the status quo.
  • My vision for the RonstadtTransitCenter is to stay downtown whether it’s kept in the vicinity it is now.
  • Oppose relocation of RonstadtTransitCenter
  • No Sun Tran money for the trolley. Leave the RonstadtTransitCenter alone! No more redevelopment.
  • I believe the Ronstadt center should stay where it is. It needs to [be] centrally located for all people regardless of economic or ethnic background. I’m from OroValley and believe that all people should be treated equally and fairly.
  • Keeping the RonstadtCenter downtown will tell the world that Tucson cares about public transportation and sustainability. Making the center better is the way to go.
  • I think it is crucial to have the RonstadtCenter downtown but it can change as long as it serves its purpose which is to provide bus service. I felt the meeting presented a false dichotomy between “gentrification” and “no change”. Downtown Tucson has not been an ideal downtown in my mind so please don’t romanticize “no changes”.
  • I don’t mind the bus moving Northish. I would like to see RonstadtCenter be a combination green space and social nexus with cafes to serve folks. A traditional plaza approach.
  • Needs to remain where it is not torn down in the way the original MLK apartments were. City council and mayoral rubberstamping of its demolition is unacceptable.
  • Keep it as a historical site. Leave it alone, do your job, who is it who pay your paycheck

2b. … with  improvements

  • Add color via flowers/local artwork, misters. Cut costs using solar power to fund itself. Sell power. Make it a nonsmoking area—smokers can smoke around outside areas not in the middle.  Improve bathrooms T.P., Changing tables. Get youth involved. Offer pay for vets & homeless
  • Make it a multipurpose open area and incorporate an open-air art exhibit as part of the larger downtown area. The other purpose would be a mix of transit and below ground recreational facilities for youth and adults including some food and bars and nightlife options. Make it an attraction for more outdoor concerts to get to by bus.
  • I want the Rondstadt to stay in downtown. I want there to be benches on the periphery of the center. I think there should be food close to the center so while I wait for my bus I can get something to eat or drink. A play area for kids would be great!
  • Making it a tobacco-free nonsmoking center will be healthy and reduce transient loitering. I hate smoking, It stinks.
  • Better water fountains, vendors/farmer’s market, more trees, solar panels/power for lights and emergency phones, place to buy discount work by local artists
  • Need more bicycle facilities—racks (short term) and lockers so people using court services can stash tools, pumps, and other accessories that will not go through metal detectors
  • The central hub for downtown is for the people. Personally I use it on a daily basis. I live in the area. Improvements I would like to see is remodel the Bathrooms and cooler towers and cold water fountains.
  • Customer service, information desk back, more bathrooms, air condition in benches, toilet paper
  • RonstadtCenter means to me a hub for viable transit. Keep it where it is and introduce mixed-use options.
  • Ronstadt center is very convenient and I like the improvements. I would like more seating in the open areas; staffing in the customer service area. I hope there will be good connections between Greyhound and RTC.
  • Changing tables, educational facilities, safety, lending library, outreach facilities, public health facilities, more shade
  • I’d like to see the center become a performing space. Nothing like the NYC subway. Maybe like the 4th Ave. underpass.
  • Downtown needs the RTC more than high rises! Safe and clean! Need the greyhound station and streetcar station also, but people need the buses to get there! And open late/early enough to get back home/into work. Relax at the nearby coffee and restaurants while waiting for service.
  • Please put small eating stands all around Ronstadt (like hot dogs, tacos, corn dogs, mini J.J.’s, mini pizzas, mini subways, and many others). They can promote their regular establishments, great advertisement or promotion, and help economy! Bring more other parts of Tucson to Downtown, save Ronstadt!!
  • I believe RTC should balance the need to revitalize and invest in downtown with the needs of transit customers. Effective, efficient, safe, comfortable, and convenience. I think it is important to offer amenities that attract more people to ride transit.
  • KeepRonstadtCenter where it is. Covered waiting areas. Misters during very hot weather. Recycle bins. Kiosk with info re: community resources.
  • Keep the RonstadtCenter where it is. Improve facilities. Place for kids to play. Information/tourist kiosk. Bathrooms!
  • I’m really inspired by the idea of creating a community center out of the RonstadtCenter. Keep the depot downtown is crucial for connecting people to services however, the center should also be made too valuable to sell and this could mean adding property.
  • Children’s play area; garden; better restrooms. Better restrooms. No more fences. Customer service center. Police Station. The return of Bus stop at the east end. Long bus routes at the center for Downtown business and U of A students. Open space and place to sit and eat.
  • If you want to make any changes just make the facilities nicer for the public.
  • Solar panels for the center, and the buses. Also electric power would be good for the buses. Change machines all throughout the center would help riders find accurate fares. Community programs for public. Beautification and upkeep for the center would be appreciated. Los Artes, and prison work programs could achieve this.
  • As a taxpayer and worker using the bus, I sure would like to see the “ramada” effect that filters light to also protect from rain/snow. I was waiting in the rain for a No. ! University bus while looking at car garage with a roof for cars while I am getting wet. I would also like better facilities that include pull-down change tables for babies and other decent toilet supplies. The entire downtown area needs to be revamped to be more user-friendly like a mall. A mall has facilities, places to sit, friendly people to advise where to go, etc. Instead of police perhaps the “old west” image could be utilized and a friendly “howdy” and maps showing the turquoise trail routes, etc. This downtown should b the most beautiful spot for foreigners visiting and for all of the community.
  • RonstadtCenter needs safe, clean, locked, stocked bathrooms, drinking fountains, a garden and playground for kids, and a huge police presence to reduce loitering and graffiti.
  • RTC needs more water fountains and more desert vegetation. Also recycle bins for cans and bottles.
  • I would like to see RTC remain downtown. I am open to some modifications/development on the site, but it should be compatible with transit and enhance transit.
  • I would like to see the transit center improved, by providing mixed uses for riders and downtown customers. Restaurants, air-conditioned areas, nice restrooms, and shops. Maybe more housing, too. I think we can have both buses and comfortable nice spaces.
  • What would I do to make Ronstadt better. Better water fountains. Community garden. Vendors/farmers market. More trees. Solar panels to run all electricity
  • Community gardens. Movie documentaries. Playground for children.
  • Transportation to and out of downtown is important to bus riders. Improve and expand RonstadtCenter based on riders’ needs
  • Downtown is growing fast and RonstadtCenter needs to stay and get expanded. Don’t lease or build in the property, we need the space. Sell monthly passes at Ronstadt.
  • Why not more of a park space? There are so many more buildings (all the dorms) so more greenery and outdoor sitting sculpture garden… but keep the buses. Thank you!
  • One idea would be to have a center/outlets for the community to teach/learn different arts such as cooking, playing the guitar, handicrafts… places for people to meet that could be part of RonstadtCenter.
  • It seems to me, it would be best to keep the RonstadtCenter where it is, as it best serves the community as a whole there. Also to make it more community friendly and beautiful.
  • A sensible bus transit point for bus riders. We need more in town. Unisex bathrooms! Vote for Roseanne Barr 2016
  • Keep the RonstadtCenter a vibrant hub for public transportation in downtown Tucson! Improve service times on all bus lines.
  • Water fountains/misters at bus stops. Heaters for the winter. Garden and playground for children. Large fans/misters/water fountains
  • Make central shade panel solar! More cooling. This station works!! Build ridership to downtown. Stop ruining Tucson. Keep the bus.
  • Improve the facilities! Fix the bathroom
  • Suggestions: solar panels, water fountains.
  • Make it a multipurpose open area and incorporate an open-air art exhibit as part of the larger downtown area. The other purpose would be a mix of transit and below ground recreational facilities for youth and adults including some food and bars and nightlife options. Make it an attraction for more outdoor concerts to get to by bus.

3.  Importance of democracy, public space, Downtown for Everyone, no privatization

  • Important event. So many people here demanding open space! This is an issue of democracy over business. We need to have many more events like this to maintain the original vision of the Ronstadt.
  • The Ronstadt should be public educational/historical space. Please keep me informed re: any future initiatives.
  • I think that having a strong bus system is extremely important as a form of resistance for two ways. Firstly because it gives agency to poor and disadvantaged residents in a world that systematically discounts the validity of these experiences. Secondly because the public transportation system provides one of the only spaces that strangers in the same community get to interact with each other and share a space that is not defined by commercial interaction.
  • City of Tucson/Developers/New Comers/Anglos are gentrifying La calle this is not Portland, Oregon—this is Chukson, AZ.
  • Mass transit is a beautiful thing—look at Curitiba, Brazil!! Let’s have frequent buses that run on time and stop catering to cutesie rail systems that go nowhere. Everybody would ride if the buses could be relied on and this town would benefit greatly. Keep Ronstadt as a center for us all.
  • Public space is a key element of real democracy. If everything downtown is privately owned an meant to sell people things, then the 99% will have no place in the downtown. Downtown will just be another private mall. Downtown must be a truly open and accessible space in the future, especially in a future that reshapes the city to deal with climate change and the high cost of fossil fuels. A vibrant bus system is vital to the economy.
  • Keep Ronstadt—Ronstadt not office space above or around the bus terminal. No urban removal of bus riders from downtown! Downtown is for everyone. Seniors, students, rich and poor—all of us!
  • I believe that the RonstadtCenter should remain. The downtown should remain for all.
  • I support a downtown for everyone. The bus center should not be made smaller and moved. It should remain the way it is.
  • I want a vibrant, economically strong downtown for everyone.
  • My daughters had a safe place to be in the heyday of Ronstadt after it was built. To say that this cannot be is not true. Please save public space.
  • Centralized location a must. Moving bus center will not solve other issues which must be addressed. I love my Sun Tran, I love my RonstadtCenter. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it especially not for profit for others who don’t utilize buses. There will always be problems to address regardless of location.
  • Take the time to listen to the people that use public transit as well as others. Moving too fast has hampered longer-term development, creating problems for residents in downtown/UA neighborhoods as well as the general [public]. We need a thoughtful and inclusive process that is not planned around a developer’s timeline. Let’s change how Tucson plans and get it right this time.
  • Downtown is NOT just for those who live or work there. It’s for EVERYONE. And all of us who find ourselves DT spend $ there even “poor” people who just lacking money otherwise we are good people. I usually ride my bike downtown—like bus riders I don’t have to park—and there is plenty of parking . We need fewer cars and more people downtown. If businesses want customers the streetcar helps, but buses bring folk committed enough to plan and ride the bus. Keep RC open to Congress. Put the business elsewhere on the 2nd floor.
  • A downtown for everyone! Including BUS RIDERS! Save the RonstadtCenter. We need a community conversation, and updates about the issues. Why now?? The streetcar will eventually be done. Major money will be made if we remove the Ronstadt center. Don’t! College educated. Chose to ride bus. Enjoy it!
  • Don’t move Ronstadt, don’t make it smaller. It’s an important part of Downtown Tucson. Don’t let the city privatize the RonstadtCenter. The RonstadtCenter—and downtown—is for everyone.
  • I support public transportation and the RonstadtCenter. As an indifferent bus rider but supporter of working people, families, students, and struggling communities of Tucson.
  • We must struggle to remove the parasitical and destructive finance capitalist class, the transnational corporations, and their political agents in both parties and install a people’s agenda. Que Vivan los bus riders!!!
  • As corporate greed forces more of us into poverty, more of us will need the bus. Do not let the fortunate few dictate the future of our downtown. Let the rich blight the suburbs they already infest.
  • I’m a bus rider. The most important is to save RonstadtCenter. We all need this transit center. A downtown for everyone. There is another bad idea in front of MLK building someone is going to build one. Terrible for everyone.
  • They asked for support—and they received. This transit center represents a heart of this city. The Rialto is filled with support, people, a community. Downtown is for everyone. Many rely on buses in order to make it—to work, to school. Take a ride, because if you think this needs to go, you need to look again. Look at US, we are an us. Every decision affects every citizen in some way. We are men, women, children, elderly, students—all together—don’t try to take that away.
  • I have met many of the local bus riders, and they have touched my heart with their stories and with the history of the RTC. It is important that we provide an environment that all will feel welcome in. Todos somos iguales y necesitamos un lugar en que podemos sentir comodo. El RTC es uno de estas lugares.
  • Downtown for everyone. We all benefit ourselves. It is the center point for transferring and that most people are accustomed. And it has become like a tradition. Our future generations will also need it for their transportation for education, social, leisure
  • Ronstadt is a beautiful award-winning piece of architecture and must continue to be a bus hub and public space. It should be restored to be more welcoming (take down the new fences and restore a real person to assist bus riders). Let’s encourage people to come downtown on the bus, to frequent businesses and not clog it with cars. Downtown must do for everyone!
  • The RonstadtCenter should not be moved. Downtown should not, is not, for people with money coming from the foothills, it is for everyone. Please listen to the voice of community members.
  • Downtown is starting to feel claustrophobic. Open the remaining space—community space.
  • We should stop privatizing everything, stop creating monopolies.
  • It is located downtown where the city and county buildings are, also courthouse and city council, where most the day activities and judgments are made. It gives you a chance to hear what is going on and make your own judgments and speak up about something. It gives you a change to find out what is going on and get feedback from public or friends, etc. and present it to appropriate agency particularly if it affects you. Everyone has a voice and it should be respected and heard.
  • A downtown for everyone is important for me because is a historic area when the tourists come. Also is important because people need to access many federal buildings.
  • The community vision event was inspirational. This will preserve Ronstadt for the people.
  • Brings diversity, public ownership, past history important
  • Keep Ronstadt as it is—keep it public, keep downtown for everyone
  • The RonstadtCenter can’t be closed down, it functions as a vital hub for Tucson bus riders. Additionally, the modern streetcar is the most asinine and profit-driven planning project in recent memory. There needs to be affordable AND accessible transit options, NOT a luxury ride for car drivers!
  • Downtown is the center life of any city, the working class must have direct access to city courts, libraries, shops, etc., not to mention the direct availability and ease to transfer and continue their daily commutes. Communities need more public spaces and services and less privatization. Power to the workers, down with capitalists!!
  • Tucson needs a vibrant, walkable downtown with great bus transportation. Please keep the beautiful RonstadtCenter so everyone can come.
  • Ronstadt is important for workers, for student, for families, for Tucson. Closing or reducing services should not be an option. Bus riders and bus employees are a considerable part of Tucson’s population.
  • We need our RonstadtTransitCenter, downtown is for everyone, it’s been like that for years.
  • Giving it up to outside influence and developers will NOT lead to the greatness of the city. This decision is from a narrow viewpoint—the center was only JUST built! The public GOOD is what is important.
  • Life happens at transit centers. Life happens in a city’s downtown. Moving or changing the RTC will kill the life that happens in the city. What would Jesus do? Ride the bus and stand with the bus riders. Stand with the poor and marginalized that rely on the transit center.
  • I loved the slide show with the pictures. The RonstadtCenter is so beautiful! It looks and feels like the Old Pueblos should. Very unique to Tucson. Biggest point: Sun Tran, RonstadtCenter is suppose to be in existence to benefit the public transportation needs of Tucsonans. So, currently it’s doing its job. Why are we going to spend millions of dollars to break something that is working just fine?! Then, think of all the disabled tenants in the MLK building that must rely on that location. It’s not just for poor people. I make over $50K a year and I choose no car.
  • So long as downtown keeps a bus center in DOWNTOWN Tucson, it needs to continue serving NSEW citizens.
  • 1. What is very important to consider is the architectural and artistic significance of the RTC. The RTC was recognized in architecture journals, it as received national recognition as a fine piece of architecture. 2. The RTC has some of the most significant public art in the state. The 2,500 sq. ft. of hand made tile, designed by one of Tucson’s most significant artists needs to be preserved t all cost.
  • I support bus riders and transit, but development in some degree—sensitive to transit needs—must happen. Buses in their capacity now impact downtown in several ways, good and bad. Please consider the connections the streetcar will bring. I hope everything can be peacefully agreed upon, compromise and working to everyone’s needs. Changes don’t mean necessarily compromising access to bus. Ronstadt is not currently an open public space for everyone. However, if these are the conclusions that are drawn through true balanced public process, then that I the democratic process and should be supported. Unfortunately this is just a rally.
  • All public bus terminals have transient people why and how can we be different, this is asking the impossible. Also the Greyhound should still be located closer to Ronstadt Bus Terminal so Greyhound riders can easily ride in-town buses.
  • I think the Ronstadt is an important community service, it should be preserved as is. I don’t think it should be sold for development. I think that other models of development and economic opportunity should be explored. Instead of student housing or high-end retail on the street periphery, why not open up the street for more street vendors? It would be awesome to see the streets have carretas and more of a “swapmeet” style of economic development as opposed to all the high-end retail.


4.  Environmental, Traffic and Congestion Concerns

  • Also, a third thing is that if Tucson wants to be a member o the environmental movement against global warming and environmental degradation, support the public bus system is essential.
  • Bus rides are part of the solution to climate change. We should be congratulated and supported by the entire community.
  • Moving the RonstadtCenter seems like it would be a huge headache and take tons of time. Getting rid of it would lead to congestion and negatively affect the daytoday lives of many Tucson residents.
  • Keep transit functionality but reduce number of buses or traffic downtown (move some to north of down town).
  • Moving the RonstadtCenter seems like it would be a huge headache and take tons of time. Getting rid of it would lead to congestion and negatively affect the daytoday lives of many Tucson residents.
  • Will the city ever close the downtown to all traffic cars, etc.
  • I’m Green. I love the solar idea!
  • RonstadtCenter is in a perfect location—near streetcar, restaurants, businesses, and housing. We should encourage people to take the bus and use sustainable transportation instead of encouraging cars downtown.
  • The Ronstadt is a vital part of the community. Keep it and improve it. Better yet play a vanguard role in cutting carbon emissions—free public transportation!
  • The Ronstadt history was interesting and I’m glad it had a message; getting rid of the Ronstadt doesn’t cure congestion.
  • City officials must lead the way in transitioning people from single occupancy vehicles onto public transportation! Reduce pollution. Ease traffic congestion. Solve downtown parking problems. Pack the buses!

5.  Necessity of Buses/RTC for family, affordability, employment, schooling, livelihood, etc.

  • Transportation to work gets me home. Gets me to my mom’s!!! It works leave it alone, gets our kids to school, library, home.
  • The Ronstadt [has] been here forever and so have the people from Tucson. So don’t let it go. We need the downtown transportation not everybody can afford taxis. Good bless the Ronstadt. Thank you for the good.
  • I am not a bus rider, however, the Ronstadt center is important for those who live and work downtown and it should be kept exactly how it is.
  • I want the bus terminal where it’s at now. I live only a mile from here and its very convenient for me to come here for a transfer for my appointments. I’ve been riding the bus for seven years. The bus service is very good. Thank you.
  • Without the RonstadtCenter, I would not be able to get to work. I would lose my job. No one would be able to get downtown. The businesses would fail. Tucson would experience an economic crisis.
  • I really need the buses. I have 4 kids and would not be able to survive if it wasn’t for the buses. I need to take the kids to school then I need the bus to get to work. Please if I didn’t have this transportation I would probably lose my job and be devastated and everything would go downhill if I didn’t have the buses. Thank you!
  • Don’t move Ronstadt from downtown—it’s a hub for transfers. I work downtown and need the bus to get to work.
  • As a student of U of A, I do not take the bus, but in high school in Phoenix, I had to ride the bus to school and back everyday which was located in downtown Phoenix so I know how important the bus is to so many people who may not be able to afford a car or be physically able to walk there. There is no benefit from taking away a form of transportation to the central point of Tucson.
  • I am a student at the University of Arizona and I support bus route access in downtown Tucson. I give thanks for bus access in downtown because it takes me to school, home, church, parks, etc. Thank you. I am glad I can arrive home and to school safe and on time. Free bus pass! Wow, awesome!
  • I am a Park and Ride user of Sun Tran, parking at PCC West and taking the #3 downtown. RonstadtCenter is important for its location downtown when I stay downtown, or as a transfer point. I fear discussion about multiuse, seeing what has already happened with the East side bays, forcing us to board along 6th Ave., sometimes standing in the rain.
  • Es muy necesario para mi y para todos las residentes de MLK por lo 5th Ave que no nos quiten los buses en downtown porque la mayoria los necesitamos. Tanto par air con el doctor como para hacer nuestras compras de comida y es lo mas cercano que tenemos, ya que en downtown no tenemos tiendas de comida y tenemos que utilizar los camiones que nos quedan muy cerca a nosotros. Gracias!
  • The RTC makes Tucson an accessible, safe, and affordable city that cares about all its residents. To take RTC away from the place it is in, and put in a Starbucks? We don’t need overpriced coffee in the heart of our city.
  • The Ronstadt is very important to my family and to how my kids get to school. A family of 5 with 2 working parents and only 1 car needs a good transit center and there are lots of us.
  • Bus riding is not just a type of transportation, its ‘s livelihood. Downtown is not just a location its ‘a home. The Ronstadt is not only a place, it’s a history, a memory, a future. Save the RonstadtCenter! Si se puede!
  • I’m a bus rider to go to school and to go to work.
  • Need the bus to get to work and other appointments.
  • A quien corresponda, yo vengo mucho al Ronstadt me prasporte en a bus para todo para mi es mi primer para aratado so para mi es muy importante que se quede asi para mi y toda mi familia
  • I strongly feel that the RonstadtBusTransitCenter must stay where it is! As bus riders this is very important to me and my family. To get to work and to other activities we are part of daily downtown we but keep this center as it is, NOT make it smaller or into office space or retail space. Thank you for keeping downtown as a place where working families are important.
  • A lot of people can’t afford taxis, don’t own a car so need bus transportation 2. Important to preserve downtown bus transportation
  • It is important where Ronstadt. I used to live on east side but schedules were not consistent. This is why I lost my last job. I moved to Broadway and Campbell to catch the bus to go to work downtown. This is perfect for me and I don’t want it moved. The site also provides alternative routes.
  • I ride the bus and the relocation or elimination of the Ronstadt will move my commute to the U of A. I’m a junior, even harder. I come from southwest Tucson and it is hard enough.
  • My child took bus to magnet school (too far from home) she’s not poor, I hate traffic.
  • I feel strongly about the bus terminal (Ronstadt). At this time it is my only means of transportation while I’m in a scooter. Although what I think is that there should be special buses just for scooters so that me, myself, and I, including so many others in scooters wouldn’t have to always be first, and have to hear all the whining and bellyaching form those who have to wait. They think we can’t hear what they are saying about us crippled people. They ought to be careful, the too could be in a scooter someday.

6. Public Transportation Important for Businesses, Cities, Access

  • RTC is a hub for connecting bus riders with downtown and other places of the city It must be the connection for the streetcar extension too to connect the south of the city with downtown. Let’s think in our present and our future.
  • Ronstadt is the most well used, dynamic public facility in downtown. I ride downtown at least 5 times for work, for various reasons, including supporting downtown businesses.
  • I recently moved to Tucson from New York City, a city where it prides itself on its public transportation. In NYC, people of all classes use the public transportation and I believe its because its buses/subways are constantly and consistently running. I believe that the key to the success of a city relies on the effectiveness of its public transportation because this is what literally provides the city with movement and excitement.
  • The Ronstadt should be kept downtown. The buses help people contribute to businesses on 4th Ave and Congress. The businesses would lose money.
  • RonstadtTransitCenter is an important hub for the efficient movement of people around the city. It is located for maximum utility in the heart of downtown. Its design is reflective of our southwest culture. Its openair architecture makes it very energy efficient for our warm, arid climate.
  • Transit belongs in the heart of a city. Moving the Greyhound out of downtown was a mistake. Keep the buses in the city center. The last thing we need is more private dorms.
  • Leave it the way it is. The bricks that make up the arches etc. were specially saved and rescued from the buildings torn down as a remembrance and celebration of the building lost. Leave it where it is a hub center for those wanting or needing to come downtown and for end point for access to 4th and other government offices and businesses.
  • Without Ronstadt being downtown, downtown will die!
  • As is, RonstadtCenter is working. Brings people into downtown. Station is SAFE, beautiful (save the trees) and right where you want to be—walk to train, civic buildings, library—and plenty of cafes/bars for spending any connection wait. Ride when I don’t have to because don’t worry about parking and feel safe on arrival
  • Remember Penn Station New York
  • I support having a nice transit center that is safe and pleasant for bus riders and offers other amenities, like shops. However, any development plans must be designed with one major design criterion as a priority: effective bus transit. Any other development criteria should be secondary, e.g. downtown business development. Thus, the goals for the transit center should be effective/efficient bus flow access to buses and transfers by bus riders, and other services necessary for bus riders.

Comments about the session/process

  • Gracias por food
  • Too much rara very little substance just preaching to the choir.
  • Thank you so much for having this event and allowing everyone to speak out.
  • It means everything to me!
  • Thanks for giving a voice to the little guys!
  • Good job
  • Excellent event!
  • Don’t reelect any incumbents. Leave it (the Ronstadt) alone.
  • My comment is to talk how in this center. (?)  I [appreciate] the help.
  • I love Sun Tran.
  • I don’t understand why the location of the bus center matters as long as there are plentiful stops downtown.
  • I really like the high level of community participation plus food is always a plus!
  • A “public meeting” where you seek to be inclusive should not be biased. This event is just as guilty of what you accuse the city of doing also. This is propaganda.
  • Well organized. Thanks for getting people to talk to each other.
  • Important event. So many people here demanding open space! This is an issue of democracy over business. We need to have many more events like this to maintain the original vision of the Ronstadt.

Other Comments

  • Why not include light rail—from east to west sides of the city? Can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet! Also, light rail to Phoenix AND Flag/Grand Canyon! Talk about tourist dollars! Use federal funds for building/construction, etc.
  • What about the south side? Every place has a side that doesn’t shine and the south side is the place where it does not shine. We need to upgrade on safety. Everyone kept talking about downtown, what about the south side? SMH
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