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Party of ‘NO’ Says ‘NO’ to Debates on CNN, NBC

partyofno1In recent years, the Republican Party has earned the well-deserved nickname of the “Party of NO.” Senior Senator form Kentucky, Mitch McConnell (AKA Senator Gridlock) is the Party of NO’s mascot with an astounding 413 filibusters since 2007.

The latest thing for the Republican National Committee to say “Hell, No!” to is debates on CNN and NBC. Why are they pulling debates from these two national networks? Because they plan to air a specials about Hillary Clinton.

Seriously? Instead of rising to the challenge of the Democratic Party’s early presidential favorite and finding an intelligent candidate (ie, not Rand Paul or Rick Perry), you’re going to HIDE from her and the American people?

Being afraid of a TV special that airs three years before the election is just silly– given the American public’s short attention span.

Stop your sniveling and man up.

5 comments on “Party of ‘NO’ Says ‘NO’ to Debates on CNN, NBC

  1. Ray Plenty
    August 16, 2013

    Kind of like the same way MSNBC refuses to have conservative guests…. But still, do you really think the media won’t cover the debates? Won’t do their own reserach on the candidates and expose any shortcomings? In 2012 Rick Perry wasn’t asked a question about that rock on his ranch in the debate. It was the media that first exposed it.

    The Republicans should have the right to have their candidate asked the questions those who can actually vote in the primary want asked. The questions asked as bombs can still be asked at press conferences, etc.


    • p2hannley
      August 16, 2013

      It’s not like the MSNBC example at all. MSNBC is a capitalist corporation; they can air anything they want– as long as they comply with governmental regulations.

      This is a political party (whose platform is opposing Obama) choosing to limit exposure to their presidential debates by not airing the debates on 2 channels, including NBC (which practically everyone with a TV gets).

      Trying to strong-arm CNN and NBC into self-censorship because they don’t want Hillary to get exposure should scare people. This goes against our democratic principles.


      • Ray Plenty
        August 16, 2013

        As you said, MSNBC and CNN are not government entities.


  2. Susan Foster
    August 16, 2013

    Debates are a sham. We need real debate with instant fact check. More debates. Back to the League of Women Voters or some other, NOT this political group that represents the two parties and limits participation by ‘outside’ candidates. How can we do that?


    • p2hannley
      August 17, 2013

      You are totally right. I think the Green and Libertarian candidates really round out the debate because they are free to bring up issues the corporate parties want to ignore.

      I thought the best debate last year was the one moderated by Candy Crowley. She was forceful in her questioning– not a milk toast like the PBS guy. Was it Jim Lehrer?

      Definitely, the debates and the whole election system — including redistricting– should be taken out of the hands of the Democrats and the Republicans. I think the US is in the minority in the crazy patchwork way our elections are conducted. Other countries don’t have political groups run the elections.


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