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UPDATE: Guatemalan Children Get Six-Month Reprieve on Deportation


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Yesterday, I juxtaposed three immigration stories in my post— the sad news about the murder of 5-10 Honduran refugee children that the US deported recently, the plight of a young Guatemalan mother and her three children who crossed the border alone and are facing deportation, and the callous reaction to the child refugee crisis by some Arizona Congressional delegates.

Today, I’m heartened to report that Modesta Escalante’s three children were granted another six months in the US— time to make their case regarding asylum.

Modesta is not alone. Thousands of immigrant families face the possibility of being separated from their children everyday– thanks to US policies, including the War on Drugs, Operation Streamline, support for private prison quotas, NAFTA, CAFTA, and lax gun control regulations that allow arms to flow south to the drug cartels.

Why are we doing this? Why are we breaking up families? Why are we arming drug dealers? Why are we closing the doors on these children? Why are right-wing lawmakers working so hard to gut the 2008 child sex trafficking bill which would enable them to toss thousands of children back across the border? Do we want to make life-long enemies out of the deportees and their families? Wouldn’t it be better to make life-long friends by showing the refugee children and all immigrants some kindness and charity?

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  1. revgerry
    August 20, 2014

    You would think!
    Oh, that’s the answer.


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