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Top 10 Reasons Doug Ducey Is Too Extreme for Arizona Voters

The Koch Brothers (and their money) are backing Doug Ducey for Arizona governor.

The Koch Brothers (and their money) are backing Doug Ducey for Arizona governor.

After seven months of mud-slinging in a six-way primary race that looked like a remake of Lord of the Flies, multi-millionaire ice cream mogul Doug Ducey has won the Arizona Republican Party’s nomination for governor.

Ducey’s sugary sweet interview with AZCentralthis morning made it sound as if he’s already been elected governor, but there’s another election in November, and Democrats statewide are pulling out all the stops to get their candidate, Fred DuVal, elected.

Unfortunately for Tea Partiers in the great state of Maricopa, polls show that: 1) the match-up between Ducey and DuVal is a dead heat and 2) Ducey’s anti-Medicaid-expansion, anti-Obamacare, anti-abortion, anti-woman, anti-worker, anti-immigrant, anti-gay-marriage, anti-common-core, pro-Koch-Brothers platform is not aligned with Arizona voters’ issues.

Don’t let Ducey’s charming aw-shucks, Leave-It-to-Beaver persona fool you. He runs with a tough crowd of right-wing ideologues. You can tell a lot about a person’s true character by looking at the company he keeps. Consequently, the company Ducey keeps weighs heavily in my Top 10 Reasons Why Doug Ducey Is Too Extreme for Arizona

10- Ducey is a sexist who is a long-term member of two all-male clubs.

9- Ducey panders to and parties with law-breakers like tax-evader Cliven Bundy.

8- Tea Party darling Sarah Palin and convicted felon Dinesh D’souza are coming to Arizona on Sept 4 to campaign for Ducey.

7- Ducey is backed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Cathi “fetal personhood” Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy; the anarcho-capitalist Koch Brothers; Tea Party wing-nut and US Senator Ted Cruz; Palin; and millions of dollars of his own money. (He put $3 million into winning the primary. Being governor of a purple state must be pretty lucrative if a capitalist will lay down that kind of cash to win.)

6- Ducey is too conservative for Governor Jan Brewer. (Think about that for a moment! Brewer signed the anti-immigrant SB1070 and the omnibus voter suppression bill HB2305, you know.)

5- Ducey is against raising the minimum wage.

4- Ducey believes that poor people should pay more taxes.

3- Ducey believes that Social Security is a “ponzi scheme” and a middle class entitlement.

2- Ducey supports “religious freedom” and the Hobby Lobby decision which allowed corporate people with deeply held religious beliefs to deny birth control coverage to employees.

1- Ducey supports the rights of fetal persons over the rights of women.

Ducey is a Koch Brothers Mini-Me. Look for plenty of dark money advertising in the future. It’s gonna get ugly.

Ducey is the only member of the Tea Party’s 2010 Dream Team to be left standing after the Tuesday primary. Brewer, Huppenthal, Horne, and Bennett will all be out of office soon. Let’s hope DuVal knocks Ducey out of power also.

[P.S. Check out this article here for tons of details about Ducey and his business practices.]

8 comments on “Top 10 Reasons Doug Ducey Is Too Extreme for Arizona Voters

  1. Jerry M Dagna
    August 29, 2014

    Are you Marxist ideologues aware that almost every state in the union is bankrupt due to you liberal public trough giveaways? Social security is bankrupt in under 10 years! Medicare is not sustainable at it’s current levels! The unadjusted unemployment numbers are over 12% for the nation and over 50% for blacks! Islamonazi terrorism is rampant throughout the world due to week inactivity of the worst president in US history! There are fewer people in the workforce since 1978! When will you wake up to that fact you simply do not have any ideas that have worked since LBJ started pouring over 7 trillion to end poverty…which is higher today than in 1965…Your policies have never worked in country that tried them…and Obamacare is a abysmal failure.
    Vote for Ducey…let us fix the problems here in Arizona then you can run some liberal elite drone…


    • Pamela Powers Hannley
      August 31, 2014

      Doug Ducey is a cookie-cutter copy of Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Kansas’ Sam Browback, or New Jersey’s Chris Christie. Brownback and Christie destroyed their states’ budgets with the same Tea Party proposals Ducey is peddling in Arizona.

      Arizona has had decades of Republican control and trickle down economics. As a result, we have not recovered from the great recession as quickly as other states. Why elect someone who touts more of the same failed Reaganomics-on- steroids policies? Ducey is dangerous and #Bad4AZ.


      • Jerry M Dagna
        August 31, 2014

        A recession I might add developed by and sustained by America’s first half black president…a lawless, constitutional ignoramus with zero skills in foreign policy nor any real idea of how a free market economy works…and unfortunately the laughing stock of the world and it’s leaders…Now I know you won’t agree with me and that’s fine…But I request you answer this question “We are currently borrowing .44 cents of every dollar we spend…For how long shall we continue to add to the 18 trillion in debt by continuing this spend and borrow policy?” Two years? 10 Years? Obama has added over 10 trillion during his 5 years in office…is 28 trillion in debt OK? what is your threshold before you admit we have to stop borrowing almost half of what we spend…Thanks


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