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Labor Day Picnic on Sept 4: Come On Down!

Standing up for the minimum wage increase at the 2016 Labor Day Picnic.

Come and join Jim and I at the Powers For The People booth at the Pima Area Labor Federation’s Annual Labor Day Picnic on Monday, September 4 at Reid Park.

The Labor Day Picnic is like homecoming for Jim and me. We have had a booth or attended the Labor Day Picnic nearly every year since we met– first with Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), then with Arizonans for a New Economy, for the past two years as a candidate for Arizona House, and this year as an elected representative. Two years ago, I collected my first signatures and $5 Clean Elections Qualifying Contributions at the Labor Day Picnic.

There are five ways you can support my 2018 re-election campaign at the picnic.

1- Sign my petition

If you live in LD9, I will have nominating petitions for you to sign at my booth. Please help me get on the ballot in 2018.

2- Give Me $5 for Clean Elections

Yes, I am running clean again and looking for $5s. Running clean is part of my value system. I believe that elected officials should answer to the voters– not to big money donors, lobbyists, political action committees, or dark money. Clean candidates have no strings attached because we accept only modest donations from real people. I will have $5 Clean Elections Qualifying Contribution forms at the booth on Monday. To qualify for Clean Elections funds and avoid trap of big money politics, I have to collect at least 200 $5 donations from LD9 voters . Please help me out, and bring a $5 to the picnic.

3- Donate Seed Money

Seed money is another way to help clean candidates out. We are allowed to raise ~$4300 in seed money from any person who can vote in the United States. If you don’t live in LD9, but would like to help my re-election campaign, you can bring a donation to the picnic or mail a check to Powers Hannley for House 2018, P.O. Box 42284, Tucson 85733. (If you mail a check, please include your full name, address, employer, and occupation for campaign finance reporting.) I can accept donations of up to $160 from real people. Clean Elections candidates don’t accept any corporate or union donations, no PAC (political action committee) funds, and no Super PAC (dark money) funds. In 2016, my average donation was $25. If you want to get big money out of politics, please support Clean Elections candidates.

4- Sign Up for Updates

Also, at the booth, I will have a sign-up sheet for my monthly constituent updates. If you can’t come on Monday but want to learn about future events, my campaign, or volunteer opportunities, please follow my Facebook page here and sign up for updates here. (Don’t worry. Since I am a Clean Elections candidate, I won’t spam your inbox with daily money requests.)

5- Volunteer

Do you have some spare time? Consider volunteering! I need volunteers to circulate petitions, collect $5s, and help out with events. This fall you will see the return of the “Give Me $5” house parties. I also want to host a healthcare constituent event to collect you stories and opinions regarding what our country needs in terms of reform. (Stay tuned on that one.) Anyway, please consider helping out.

Anyway, come on down to the picnic on Monday and say, “Hi”. We’ll have a seat in the shade for you. The picnic is from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. They usually have contests with feats of strength (tug of war) and agility (hula hoop)– plus food and entertainment for the children. (Check out the Facebook event here. )

Here are some past photos from Labor Day.

Fred Yamashita and Pamela Powers Hannley

Visiting with PALF chairman Fred Yamashita at the 2016 Labor Day Picnic.


Pamela Powers Hannley

Minding the booth at the 2016 Labor Day Picnic.


Move to Amend

Big money politics is ruining our democracy. That’s why I am a Clean Elections candidate. Here I am with fellow clean candidate Edward Cizak of the Green Party in 2016.


Standing with the United Steelworkers at Labor Day 2015.


Pamela Powers Hannley

Labor Day 2015 was the day I started collecting signatures and $5s for the 2016 election.


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