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Link – ‘Under Arpaio’ a ‘must see’, September 12, 2011

Link – ‘Under Arpaio’ to air at Salt of the Earth Labor College on Saturday (video), September 9, 2011

Link – Spending Labor Day with Republicans: An educational experience for all, September 6, 2011

Link – Captured: Border Patrol arrest video brings legal challenge (video), September 3, 2011

Link – ‘Hey, Jon Kyl, where are the jobs?’ Kyl’s staff huddles in office while protesters call out their boss (video), September 3, 2011

Link – Tired of the Trickle Down: Where Are the Jobs? (video), August 30, 2011

Link – Nurses, PDA, and MoveOn join forces: Tax Wall Street/Heal America Campaign (video), August 30, 2011

Link – Cut, cut, cut: A popular short-term, buzzword strategy but does it make long-term sense?, August 25, 2011

Link – Congress: Where are the jobs? (video), August 10, 2011

Link – Mother Nature: Tear down this wall (video), August 10, 2011

Link – PDA Tucson: Fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security (video), August 8, 2011

Link – Poverty, unemployment, unions, the ‘beast’ … and you, August 6, 2011

Link – On the 46th anniversary of Medicare, Republicans attack our ‘Great Society’, July 27, 2011

Link – MoveOn urges members to take debt ceiling battle to the streets and to Congressional Offices, July 23, 2011

Link – Giffords’ deficit reduction town hall features right-wing talking points (video), July 2, 2011

Link – Interesting reading: Healthcare reform to toll roads to wing-nuts, May 17, 2011

Link – ‘The false debate on the debt’, April 16, 2011

Link – US House to vote on People’s Budget on April 15 (video), April 14, 2011

Link – You go, girl: Nancy draws line in the sand after women excluded from budget talks, April 14, 2011

Link – America: Do you want the ‘people’s budget’ or the military-industrial complex’s budget?, April 12, 2011

Link – The death of capitalism? Survey shows American citizens’ support waning, April 11, 2011

Link – Sam Webb: Capitalism and worldwide crises (video), March 18, 2011

Link – New research on healthcare reform model shows Americans are still going bankrupt paying medical bills, March 10, 2011

Link – Communist Party head braves Arizona: Sam Webb to speak in Tucson and Phoenix, March 9, 2011

Link – Senator Scott Brown: Another Koch whore caught in the act (video), March 8, 2011

Link – Koch whore caught in telephone sting by blogger (video), February 23, 2011

Link – Koch Brothers and Wall Street buy governors, as well as Supreme Court Justices, February 22, 2011

Link – Disgusted? It’s time to organize: PDA meeting Feb. 21, February 20, 2011

Link – US media covers Middle East protests, while ignoring pro-union Wisconsin protests– until 30,000 showed up, February 17, 2011

Link – AZ Legislators rubber stamp multi-million-dollar corporate welfare bill– without reading it, February 17, 2011

Link – Beyond the Solar Zone: Making Tucson the Solar Capitol of the US, February 14, 2011

Link – Lefties, mark your calendars for several upcoming events, February 10, 2011

Link – White Panthers: The corporatists and cronies who run Arizona with Russell Pearce’s help, February 1, 2011

Link – Chris Hayes’ smackdown: GOP haunted by big spending, corporate favors (video), January 25, 2011

Link – Did Scalia and Thomas have a conflict of interest in the Citizens United campaign finance case? (video), January 21, 2011

Link – What happened to the War on Poverty? Is the US marching backward?, January 19, 2011

Link – The big question for 2011: How will Arizona balance its budget?, January 18, 2011

Link – Can Republicans really cut $100 billion from the US budget?, January 5, 2010

Link – EU mad, US mum: Will European outrage over austerity measures spill over to US? (video), January 4, 2011

Link – Step 1 to fixing Arizona’s economy: Revise the tax code, December 23, 2010

Link – ‘Scrooge of the Year’ Award: Brewer coasts to easy victory, December 12, 2010

Link – Is the US on the verge of class warfare? December 8, 2010

Link – Does somebody need to have their credit cards cut up? Congress, I’m looking at you (video), December 7, 2010

Link – Despite public opinion, Republicans fight for the Limbaugh-Beck-Palin Tax Relief Plan (video), December 5, 2010

Link – Extension of tax cuts: To be or not to be? (video), December 3, 2010

Link – Decisions, decisions: Save lives or cut taxes? Brewer chooses tax cuts, December 1, 2010

Link – AZ Senators playing games and promoting international conflicts, November 29, 2010

Link – ‘The Warning’: Before the 2008 crash, one valiant regulator fought for sanity, November 24, 2010

Link – How to eliminate the US budget deficit in a few easy steps, November 18, 2010

Link – Is democracy for sale? Billionaires for Bush are buying Congress, October 23, 2010

Link – Move your money– before the mega-banks steal it, October 20, 2010

Link – US corporations post ‘near-historic’ profits, as poverty and joblessness increase: Now what? October 4, 2010

Link – Are Congressional Republicans myopic? Or just really bad at math? September 30, 2010

Link – The ramifications of wealth disparity: Robert Reich gets it, September 29, 2010

Link – We want those 8 million jobs back, September 28, 2010

Link – Is this the end of communism? Or the end of capitalism? September 22, 2010

Link – Should the US raise the age of retirement?, June 4. 2010

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The Tucson Progressive: Pamela Powers Hannley

I stand on the side of Love. I believe in kindness to all creatures on Earth and the inherent self-worth of all individuals--not just people who agree with me or look like me.

Widespread economic and social injustice prompted me to become a candidate for the Arizona House, representing Legislative District 9 in the 2016 election. My platform focuses on economic reforms to grow Arizona's economy, establish a state-based public bank, fix our infrastructure, fully fund public education, growlocal small businesses and community banks, and put people back to work at good-paying jobs. I also stand for equal rights, choice, and paycheck fairness for women. I am running as a progressive and running clean.

My day job is managing editor for the American Journal of Medicine, an academic medicine journal with a worldwide circulation. In addition, my husband and I co-direct Arizonans for a New Economy, Arizona's public banking initiative. I am a member of the national board of the Public Banking Institute, and I am co-chair of the Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus of the Arizona Democratic Party.

I am a published author, photographer, videographer, clay artist, mother, nana, and wife. I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio State University and a masters in public health from the University of Arizona. I grew up in Amherst, Ohio, but I have lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1981. I am a proud member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson and the Public Relations Society of America.

My Tucson Progressive blog and Facebook page feature large doses of liberal ideas, local, state, and national politics, and random bits of humor. I also blog at Blog for Arizona and the Huffington Post.

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