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Link – ‘Thinkers of Tucson’ offer job creation ideas (video), November 22, 2011

Link – Money and power: Who is behind TREO?, November 21, 2011

Link – Job Creation in Tucson: Building a Sustainable Future– PDA meeting tonight, November 10, 2011

Link – Who is Tucson’s progressive choice for mayor?, November 3, 2011

Link – Rick Grinnell: Mayor for Tucson’s 1%, October 27, 2011

Link – Tucson’s 15.9% rental vacancy rate: Mini-dorms in a sick housing market, August 7, 2011

Link – MoveOn urges members to take debt ceiling battle to the streets and to Congressional Offices, July 23, 2011

Link – Is swimming a sport now reserved for the wealthy?, July 26, 2011

Link – Flor de Muertos: A ‘must see’ for All Souls Procession and Calexico aficionados, July 23, 2011

Link – Giffords’ deficit reduction town hall features right-wing talking points (video), July 2, 2011

Link – Historic Landmark Signs: Should Tucson preserve its neon heritage? (video), June 27, 2011

Link – Historic preservation: Is history becoming fashionable in Tucson?, June 26, 2011

Link – Stop dozing our history: Tucson’s historic homes create a ‘sense of place’ (video), June 21, 2011

Link – Let Kozachik spend his money in his Ward: I want my potholes fixed, June 17, 2011

Link – Save Tucson’s Sign Code: Will tinkering bring back the ugliest street in US?, June 14, 2011

Link – Is road rage in your future? Yes, thanks to the RTA, June 13, 2011

Link – On disciplinegate: Did the Arizona Daily Star get it right?, June 12, 2011

Link – Supervisor Richard Elias + TUSD’s Augie Romero = BFF, June 9, 2011

Link – Will the Tequila Party succeed in building Latino political power?, June 8, 2011

Link – How progressive is Tucson?, April 11, 2011

Link – PDA’s Phil Lopes to speak at Drinking Liberally, April 10, 2011

Link – As UA tuition increases, will mini-dorms become empty monuments to greed?, April 6, 2011

Link – Sleepy air traffic controllers: Could it happen in Tucson? You betcha., March 26, 2011

Link – Contemplating Tucson: Kozochik releases city’s Strategic Work Plan, May 24, 2011

Link – City Council unanimously votes ‘business friendly’– twice, March 23, 2011

Link – Tucson Sign Code: Big sign cheerleaders need effectiveness data, March 21, 2011

Link – Beer Wars: Free market only works when capitalists make profits. When profits are in peril, they want government help, March 10, 2011

Link – Tucson makes Time Magazine’s list of ‘Intelligent Cities, March 1, 2011

Link – MoveOn Wisconsin solidarity demonstrations in 66 cities, including Tucson and Phoenix (video), February 28, 2011

Link – Steve Leal Show today: The assault on workers and unions by the corporate oligarchy and their pawns, February 24, 2011

Link – Progressive Democrats of America: 300 Tucsonans ready to fight back, February 22, 2011

Link – Disgusted? It’s time to organize: PDA meeting Feb. 21, February 20, 2011

Link – Common Ground Tucson wants *you* to be involved in Tucson’s future, February 14, 2011

Link – Beyond the Solar Zone: Making Tucson the Solar Capitol of the US, February 14, 2011

Link – Lefties, mark your calendars for several upcoming events, February 10, 2011

Link – Love/Hate Dupnik rallies (video), January 30, 2011

Link – Since when do Utah right-wingers and FOX News get to tell Pima County what to do? (video), January 26, 2011

Link – What Tucson needs is a good tourist video (video), January 20, 2011

Link – FOX News disses Tucson, Yaqui blessing, Obama, and UA students at memorial event (video), January 13, 2011

Link – Gabrielle Giffords Hunger Fund established at Community Food Bank, January 13, 2011

Link – Together We Thrive: Can a torn nation heal itself? (video), January 13, 2011

Link – 7-0: Mayor and Council sell out to sign industry on scenic route vote, December 15, 2010

Link – Should Tucson’s scenic routes be cluttered with signs? Come to today’s City Council meeting, December 14, 2010

Link – County considers $40 million in corporate welfare for Raytheon, December 10, 2010

Link – Imagine Greater Tucson: Midtown ‘Community Conversation’ Reveals Consensus, December 1, 2010

Link – Tucsonans and City Council say ‘no’ to risky hotel project, October 27, 2010

Link – It’s your turn to speak out: Convention hotel & medical marijuana zoning on City Council agenda, October 25, 2010

Link – Connect the dots: Local big businesses are working on a multi-level coup, October 21, 2010

Link – Mayor Walkup says, ‘No sunshine here’, October 19, 2010

Link – Kozachik throws down the gauntlet: Will the hotel’s fate be decided in the sunshine or behind closed doors? October 15, 2010

Link – Dump the downtown hotel? Dump Walkup? Or dump both? October 15, 2010

Link – Tucson’s downtown hotel: City Council tosses the hot potato back (Part 4), September 29, 2010

Link – Tucson’s downtown hotel: Historical context of a complicated project (Part 3), September 27, 2010

Link – Tucson’s downtown hotel: Who’s on first? Rio Nuevo Board passes hotel back to M&C (Part 2), September 27, 2010

Link – Tucson’s downtown hotel: To be or not to be? (Part 1), September 27, 2010

Link – The vision thing: I vote for Hurricane Hazel for mayor (video), September 27, 2010


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The Tucson Progressive: Pamela J. Powers

I stand on the side of Love. I believe in kindness to all creatures on Earth and the inherent self-worth of all individuals–not just people who agree with me or look like me.

Widespread economic and social injustice prompted me to become a candidate for the Arizona House, representing Legislative District 9 in the 2016 election.

My platform focused on economic reforms to grow Arizona’s economy, establish a state-based public bank, fix our infrastructure, fully fund public education, grow local small businesses and community banks, and put people back to work at good-paying jobs.

In the Arizona House, I was a strong voice for fiscal responsibility a moratorium on corporate tax breaks until the schools were fully funded, increased cash assistance to the poor, expansion of maternal healthcare benefits, equal rights, choice, unions, education at all levels and protecting our water supply.

After three terms, I retired from the Arizona Legislature in January 2023 but will continue to blog and produce my podcast “A View from the Left Side.”

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